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Friday, 22 October 2010


I still love to see jokes on Twilight..

And of course Justine Bieber..
The person with the gun pls come forward..
And pls shoot him..

And i never knew drinking too much water can cause blindness..
I just thought it will make you go to the toilet non stop..
But this fella so damn fucking drama..
Drink 7litre of water wtf..
I think i drink less than 2litre per day..
Me likes this..
But what if 8years has passed and yet nothing has been healed?

me, the strange, and leo went to the pasar mlm..
After that they came over to my place..
Jeng jeng jeng..
Emily the evils used my brothers facebook to see someones profile..
Then we started kutuking wtf..
Tsk tsk tsk..
Not a good habit..
But it's a very entertaining habit wtf..

Oh my Binnie so attractive..
(told you i will abuse it LOL)

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