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Monday, 11 October 2010


Angry/Emo post..
For venting only don't bother reading..

is the day where i feel like asking everyone to Fuck Off..

But i don't even feel like opening my mouth and talk..
Everything and everyone is annoying me..

1. Fuck Off Maxis..
If i pay to subscribe i expect to receive services
and not 3msg out of 10 update..
So fuck you..

2. Fuck Off Digi..
Every single time receive service msg..
"sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are currently ...."
Everyday upgrade up lan la up..
Nothings improved since i started using Digi in 2007..

3. Fuck Twitter..

4. Fuck the doctor who gave me the fucking useless medication..
The only thing that worked was the pain killer..
And that only worked for 6hours..

5. Fuck the guy who insisted i give him another receipt
even though i have given him the other day..
Like it's my fault that you don't fucking have brains..

6. Fuck the tele-marketer..
Fuck you, fuck off..

Fuck you for saying Hebe came out of the closet
JUST BECAUSE she sang I Kissed A Girl..
Fuck you for saying she is a les because people are willing
to fork out money for her to release album..
I would do the same thing if i can afford..
Even if she is les so what?
It's her own private life..
And to those who are not gonna support her because of that,
Fuck You..

8. Fuck you to the person who said she cant sing..
She sings better than you,
she sings better than your bloody fucking gay boy band..
At least she dont go around french kissing/kissing every other band mates..

9. Fuck you to those people who post their own pics online
with comments like "Oh i'm so ugly", "i so fat",
"yer y i looking so ugly", "looking at me so yuck"..
If you think you are so damn bloody ugly,
then why the fuck do you post it online?
You're just fishing for attention..
Bloody fucking LOA bitches and lala..

10. Fuck Streamyx..
11. Fuck TNB..
12. Fuck all customer service centre..
Why bother setting up a customer service centre when
it's not gonna do anything but putting you on hold and passing the line around..

13. Myself..
Fucking cibai..

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