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Friday, 15 October 2010

The view was so nice yesterday..
Too bad using pariah camera so the pic came out that way lol..

I bought Yeah! magazine yesterday coz sis told me Hebe was in it..
Then i was flipping through and tadah!!
Wonder Girls..
Even though i don't understand =.="

My hair look like this now..
Somewhat like this la..
Of course his hair is nicer than mine..
I like his hair..

Full Name:Kim Kyu Jong
Place of Birth:Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Date of Birth:February 24, 1987

Kim Kyu Jong..
My fave guy from SS501..

And he looks so good with YooBin..
My favourite pairing..

I bet everyone thinks my fave hairstyle is like the ones below..
This is quite nice..
But no..

You know those hairstyle, like Astro Boy..
Something like this..
(pls prepare your heart before clicking tq..)
The hairstyle i like most is the one where the fringe stick upright..
( like an erection wtf )
I like XD ..
Everytime i see someone with that hair i get excited LOL..
Damn retarded can?
Everytime someone with that hairstyle appear on tv
"I like this hairstyle"
will come out for my mouth..
Every single time even though i just said it..

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