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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


The video is ridiculously stupid..

Its already December..
Time really flies..
And by the end of next month its gonna be 2011..
Everyone would be busy doing recap,
and also new resolution..
Which most probably wont be fulfilled anyways..
I am gonna go shopping this weekend..
New clothes..
New shoes..
New everything..

Monday, 29 November 2010

Wonder Girl Daebak!! Jjang!!

Wonder Girls @ 2010 MAMA
(the HD one was taken off awhile after i posted it wtf..
This is the not so high def one lol)

Do you know how big was my mouth opened when i saw this?
Something like that..
Seriously man..
Wonder Girls are awesome..
YooBin is freaking hot and sexy..

The Last Godfather (라스트갓파더)
Watch this trailer..
I wanna watch..
Its a comedy..
My favourite genre (because i have a weak heart)..
Look out for 1:05..
Wonder Girls!!
*runs around in boxers*

My nephew!!
Die die oso wan my dad to carry him..

If they are not related,
i will seriously think they have something going on..

M for Matthew..
J for jiak sai (eat shit)..
J for Jacob..

Because i refuse to have the same initial with Jacob..
L for Lee..

I mean the one holding the puppy..
Not the puppy..
Coz the puppy is cuter..
This was the puppy mentioned last week..
My camera have failed me..
The pup was really cute..
QQ, TeeTee lets go stalk again..

Friday, 26 November 2010

Jeong Ryeo Won 정려원 鄭麗媛

Other than YooBin (& Sunye),
i found one other Korean artist that is absolutely gorgeous..
Like seriously damn gorgeous ok..
She-makes-me-melt-with-her-smile kind of gorgeous..

Jeong Ryeo-won
January 21, 1981 (age 29)
Height: 168cm
She is from Chakra LOL..
A very ancient female band..

She's 29 can you believe it??
I don't..
Now she's on Biotherm ad on tv..
Everytime i saw the ad i have to control myself to not squeal wtf..

The first time i saw her?
In the Mv of Gummy - As A Man ..
No wait..
The first time i saw her was in
My Lovely Sam Soon / My Name is Kim Sam Soon..
But i was a kid back then so i didnt notice her LOL..

GUMMY - As a Man

My jaw dropped (not really la)..
But i was so excited when i saw her dimples..
I have a thing for dimples ok..
They're just so cute..
Especially on babies and .......
You get the idea..

Back to Ryeo Won..
Her eyes..
Damn beautiful wtf..
When she smiles it forms a really really cute shape..
Which makes me go fangirling all over..
I wish her name is easier to remember..

As usual,
when i am obssessed over something new i would do a picture spam..

*squeals in delight*


I like when people wear specs and dont look like nerd..

If she stand in front of me and do this..
I think my heart would stop wei..
Look at her smiling..
The eyes, the smile, the dimple..
*melts into a pile of waste*
*fangirl mode*

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quotes From A FanFic

1) I hope she was my karma, so that no matter what happens,
she will still comeback to me..

2) I have written her name in my heart because
God didn’t write her name in my destiny..

3) How would you measure your sadness?
It’s not on the amount of tears you’ve shed..
but on how many times you’ve faked a smile..

4)Never assure that love is enough to make someone stay
or comeback to you because pain strikes the heart,
love fades no matter how great it is..

5) Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing.
Yet you feel perfectly happy..

6) I want to wait even if I know it will take time.
I want to believe even if I had nothing to believed in.
I want to let go already because I know that it’s not right anymore.
But the most important is that,
I want to love just because you are the reason behind it..

7) I wish getting over you was as easy as falling in love with you..

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Picture Diarrhea

This was from Ikea with QQ..

Remember when my parents randomly went to Kedah?
No? Oops..
They went to Cameron before that and came back with this..
Orange for me and red for my sis..
So damn cute right?
What should i name it?

My aunt from Johor who came down a few weeks ago..

That dude in specs just appeared in my house this morning..
All the way from Johor..
He came back with my parents last night..

His sister..
And i openly admit that she is my favourite cousin..

This place sells THE BEST char siew..
No joke..
The char siew is so damn wtf-ing-ly delicious..
Which explains the lacking of pictures of food..

My other cousin from Kedah..
They just randomly come down..
All my relatives are so damn random these days..

After lunch went to the boutique opposite..

The chrismas tree in 1U..
SK II bottles all around the tree..

The christmas tree in I-City..
Later that night the lights are all on but i was too lazy to snap..

She's 10..
And she's almost my height..

I used to adore Santa Claus when i was a retard kid..

So cute..

Is this considered a proper post?
At least got pictures right..

Btw i saw one line on a fanfic today..
It was hilarious..

Please spare me all your talks..
You know what?
The more you talk, the more carbon dioxide you breath out
and it will worsen gobal warming..
So keep quiet..