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Thursday, 4 November 2010


Last night (mid night sumore),
nose bleed wtf..
After a while,

there's still blood coming out bit by bit..
But i was too damn sleepy so i went to bed LOL..

Thank god tomorrow is holiday..
But still have to wake early =.="..


Wana go sing k.. LOL
And at night,

BBQ at Jian Pin's house..

Ah crap i haven't bought the Bueno's i promised 3different people..

Tonight must buy..

Did you know that,

You can use Bueno to bribe people?

But its not cheap la wtf..

i was talking to my sis about Selina,
talking halfway, my voice cracked..
I have to hold myself back..
It's been 2 weeks already..

Please be strong..

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