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Friday, 19 November 2010

Imma back

Been sick for the past few days..
At first sore throat only..
Then flu..
WTF man..
Since Tues night..
jiak sai..
My aunt came down from Kedah..
Reached at 6am (wed) their loud talking woke me up..
And my cousin have a weird sleeping habit..
She will touch you when she is sleeping..
When her hands stopped her leg will start wtf..
We went to Leisure Mall in Cheras to walk first..
We reached there for like 10mins and my aunt
managed to buy 2 pair of heels wtf..
*shakes head*
On the way there my dad's car keluar asap wtf..
Got chao da smell sumore..
Something was wrong with the brake pad or something..
Thank god nothing serious and luckily we went in 2 cars..
And for lunch we had Sifu Wantan Mee..
Soooooooo nice..
Then we head to 1u..
My aunt DRAGGED me ALL OVER 1U..
wtf man..
For hours she dragged me in and out of EVERY shop..
I almost died wtf..
And she kept holding my hand..
I cant even sms LOL..
We went straight to I-City wtf..
The parking was Rm10 WTF..
We asked the lady she said memang macam itu wtf..
Then when we went in we found out that it was like a coupon..
Stupid fella cant even talk properly..
There's snow house!
Not with snow la..
Its like a few shoplot connected into one and on a few aircond full blast..
With light snow man and stuff..
There's even santa claus!!
Next time la..
We ate at Tasty Pot steamboat..
We were all so damn full that we can hardly walk wtf..
We reached home at like 12am..
Next day i woke up with even worse nose block and cough wtf..
Too much ice cream..
The "kids" ate about 10scoop of ice cream each..
Seriously can kisiao..
Yesterday they went Tropicana and my aunt really shopped til she drop..
She came back telling us she have Rm60 left in her purse..
Seriously damn keng..
I seriously don't know how much she spent on her clothes..
Today, they are going shopping sumore..
I wonder if her car can fit all the clothes she bought..
Previously she went to Johor with bus to visit my other aunt,
and bought TONS of clothes..
More than 15sets..
She said it was for CNY but she wore it all before CNY..
Speaking of which..
Cny is in 2 1/2months..
Seventy over days more..
So, do you know what time is it?
It's time to shop for CNY clothes!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh my nose is so damn blocked that i cant even breathe..

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