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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Picture Diarrhea

This was from Ikea with QQ..

Remember when my parents randomly went to Kedah?
No? Oops..
They went to Cameron before that and came back with this..
Orange for me and red for my sis..
So damn cute right?
What should i name it?

My aunt from Johor who came down a few weeks ago..

That dude in specs just appeared in my house this morning..
All the way from Johor..
He came back with my parents last night..

His sister..
And i openly admit that she is my favourite cousin..

This place sells THE BEST char siew..
No joke..
The char siew is so damn wtf-ing-ly delicious..
Which explains the lacking of pictures of food..

My other cousin from Kedah..
They just randomly come down..
All my relatives are so damn random these days..

After lunch went to the boutique opposite..

The chrismas tree in 1U..
SK II bottles all around the tree..

The christmas tree in I-City..
Later that night the lights are all on but i was too lazy to snap..

She's 10..
And she's almost my height..

I used to adore Santa Claus when i was a retard kid..

So cute..

Is this considered a proper post?
At least got pictures right..

Btw i saw one line on a fanfic today..
It was hilarious..

Please spare me all your talks..
You know what?
The more you talk, the more carbon dioxide you breath out
and it will worsen gobal warming..
So keep quiet..

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