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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quotes From A FanFic

1) I hope she was my karma, so that no matter what happens,
she will still comeback to me..

2) I have written her name in my heart because
God didn’t write her name in my destiny..

3) How would you measure your sadness?
It’s not on the amount of tears you’ve shed..
but on how many times you’ve faked a smile..

4)Never assure that love is enough to make someone stay
or comeback to you because pain strikes the heart,
love fades no matter how great it is..

5) Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing.
Yet you feel perfectly happy..

6) I want to wait even if I know it will take time.
I want to believe even if I had nothing to believed in.
I want to let go already because I know that it’s not right anymore.
But the most important is that,
I want to love just because you are the reason behind it..

7) I wish getting over you was as easy as falling in love with you..

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