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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

scream for ice cream

I think i have posted this picture about 5times?
I still miss high school..
All those moments..

Monday = Connection went crazy..
Tuesday = I went crazy..
Actually i was lazy on tuesday..

Brain not working..
Yesterday i was so damn tired and sleepy at work..
Today my boss daughter bought me ice-cream (again)..
How i wish everyday there is someone who buys me ice-cream..

Btw just now there was this ( insert gender ),
who came and buy remote..
Wear those white shirt,
like school uniform..
2 buttons are opened..
I thought it was a guy..
But when the fella opened the mouth, the voice is higher pitch than mine..
I tried to look for binder or adam's apple..
But i can't find both..
For the first time i cannot determine the gender wtf..
Usually it only takes me less than a minute..
(i seriously am damn pro in doing that)
But in the end i have come to a conclusion that,
she is a girl!

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