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Monday, 29 November 2010

Wonder Girl Daebak!! Jjang!!

Wonder Girls @ 2010 MAMA
(the HD one was taken off awhile after i posted it wtf..
This is the not so high def one lol)

Do you know how big was my mouth opened when i saw this?
Something like that..
Seriously man..
Wonder Girls are awesome..
YooBin is freaking hot and sexy..

The Last Godfather (라스트갓파더)
Watch this trailer..
I wanna watch..
Its a comedy..
My favourite genre (because i have a weak heart)..
Look out for 1:05..
Wonder Girls!!
*runs around in boxers*

My nephew!!
Die die oso wan my dad to carry him..

If they are not related,
i will seriously think they have something going on..

M for Matthew..
J for jiak sai (eat shit)..
J for Jacob..

Because i refuse to have the same initial with Jacob..
L for Lee..

I mean the one holding the puppy..
Not the puppy..
Coz the puppy is cuter..
This was the puppy mentioned last week..
My camera have failed me..
The pup was really cute..
QQ, TeeTee lets go stalk again..

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