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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Leo & Tee Tee came over to my house last night
to watch "Coming Soon"..
Oh boy..
It was hilarious watching him get scare..
I damn hate watchin ghost movies now..
Damn stressful..
Last time it was still bearable..
Now that i am old my heart cant take it anymore..
I almost never watch horror movie in cinema (thrice i think)..
Luckily the 3 horror movie that i watched in cinema was not scary..
We should go watch a scary horror movie in the cinema one day..

*News Mode On*
This just in : North Korea & South Korea is bombing one another..
No seriously..
Some war is going on..
Damn it..
My first thought is obviously if Wonder Girls are still on korea or not..
我的Wonder Girls..
Everyone on twitter are more worried about their KPop idols..
How how how?
I hope JYP put them on a private jet and send them back to New York..
Talk about being dramatic..
It's ridiculous right?

I wish i can read Korean now more than ever..

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