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Monday, 13 December 2010


Wonder Girls Nobody made it to Year End Billboard Charts..
Wah i am so damn proud..

YooBin did So What (Pink)..
She obviously rocked the stage..
My baby girl is a rock star man..

And there was a skit..
It made me love Wonder Girls all the more..
I read there was a lot of YooMin/SunBin at the concert LOL..

Kinda depressing that i missed it..
I'll just have to hope that JYP will release concert dvd..
*patiently waits for dvd and clearer fancam*
Wah the skirt so short..
But not as short as *cough*
They look so demure..
and cute..
and innocent..

I like Kim Hyun Joong's hair..
So nice..
I actually like his hairstyle wow..

I'm broke for the month..
Saturday went to TCM, wanted to shop for clothes..
But @ TCM they have female clothes mostly fml..
Went to a cd store, Victoria something..
(No, not Victoria's Secret wtf)..
Bought Hebe concert dvd + 1 S.H.E poster!!
Then i asked the guy for the Wonder Girls poster..
Since it was the day of their concert so he just gave it to me..
Sunday went to Leisure Mall,
bought 2 pair of pants for Rm80..
Had my haircut..
By far the shortest haircut i had in 20years of my life..
The hairstylist dude was so damn fair wtf..
Look like my uncle, quite good looking..
And the don't have the gay vibe..
Somehow everytime i'm gonna get a haircut i will get nervous wtf..

Btw, my retarded colleague deleted the printer off the comp..
When i said to her that she deleted it,
she said "No i didn't wtf"..
That is her comp & the printer is for that comp
& she was the only one who has touched the comp today..
The next person who says the problem is me,
is so gonna get strangled


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