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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Aish! Recap of 2010..

Not sure if i'm working tomorrow..
Half day would be nice..
2011 is in 1day?
I'm too lazy to even do recap of 2010..
I just know i went out alot..
Let's see..

January - A friend got married..

Feb - Celebrated Cny?

March -
Played volleyball in the rain and fell and QQ killed worms LOL..
Became a retard and play online pictionary with TeeTee..
Fool around on and entertain ourselves..
Had durian pancake for the first time..
SHERO was released and preordered it
and played Pop Pop like kids outside my house with Mandy,QQ & Jackie..

April - New addtion to the (extended) family..
A friend gave birth..
I finally took and passed my undang test..
Stupid colleague left a cup in the office and a lizard went and swim in it..

May - Went to Johor1, 2 for a trip with family..
Visited the friend who gave birth..
Boss blocked fb and msn, etc etc etc..
Fish spa..

June - Realised gay blogs are really interesting..
Friends celebrated my bday for me and gave me a pendant..
(I never took it off ok)

July - Went I-City for the first time..
Finally passed my driving test..
I won 250,000..

August - McD came out with GCB, GSB PLS COME BACK!!
Blogged about Ong Ching Yee and realised many people google for her..
Blogged at QQ's blog..
Hooked on Wonder Girls for life..
Went to my first bazaar ramadhan and first meal at Korean Restaurant..
Mom went to operate and i stayed overnight at hospital with her..

September - Went back to Kedah & Perak..
Played candles with Leo,TeeTee & QQ..

Oct - Ito Hideaki..
Went to JYJ Showcase, 2 and got burnt in the sun wtf..
My beloved Princess Selina got injured while filming..
(and i cried and teared and cried wtf)
Went to An Honest Mistake Showcase with QQ (halfway)..

November - Cried for the first time in Neway wtf..
Went Ikea with QQ and she hit a kids face LOL..
Aunt came from Johor..
Had Tong Kei for the first time, saw Ong Ching Yee at Ss15,
went Desa Park with Leo,Teetee,QQ..
I-City with relatives who came from Kedah..

December - Watched Rapunzel with QQ @
Sunway & bought 2pair of shoes..
Blog about hating Snsd, Jessica gets molested,
got boomed for hating them LOL..
Wonder Girls concert in Malaysia which i didnt get to go..
Watched Tron with QQ..
Hebe's Showcase in Malaysia i didnt get to go too..

Last year i had resolutions..
Achived :-
4. Get my license..
5. Save more money.. (kinda)
6. Get a new phone or a gadget..
7. Get more clothes..
8. A pair of slip ons.. (i got 2)
9. More pants..
10. Meet up with my friends more often..

I'm not gonna make any resolution lol..
its just a waste of time..

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