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Thursday, 9 December 2010


I present to you,
Keving Cheng Ka Wing..

Oops wrong picture..
That, by the way is my late grandfather..
Just realised it's been more than a year since he passed away..
Stephen Lee Sen Oh
Oh no this is not gonna turn into an emo post..

This is Kevin Cheng..
(Nice boobs chest and is that wet armpit i spot? LOL)
Kevin Cheng Ka Wing
, (born 15 August 1969)
is a Hong Kong singer and television actor..
He is currently an artist under the management of TVB.
Kevin Cheng rose to fame in late 2004
after his first lead role in Hard Fate as "Ken".
He is best known for his role "Alan" in the 2006 TVB romance drama,
Under The Canopy Of Love,
which also earned him a Best Lead Actor award
at the 2006 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Which makes him 41!!
He's old enough to be my father wtf..

Even though i don't really like him..
I gotta admit he does look quite young for a 41year old apek man..

i think he's gay..
Like, seriously gay..

I don't get why so many women swoon over him..
E:g - Anna, Emily, Jaslyn Khew..
Why don't i like him?
Do i need a reason?
Its like when you love someone you don't really need to have a reason..
Like Justin Bieber who just Needs Somebody To Love..
Anybody works for him LOL..
Despite him getting awards and stuff,
i don't really like his acting..
It's kinda stiff lor ok..
Admit it..

If one day Kevin Cheng decides to come out from the closet,
i wonder what will Bosco's reaction be..
Or maybe they will come out together!

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