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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I hate Snsd =_="

After hours and hours of sitting in front of the comp,
i have come to a conclusion..
Most people hate Snsd/Girls Generation because they are fake..
Like Made In China kinda fake (and rude)..
And most hated members are Tiffany & Jessica..
And my brother actually like them..
Especially Tiffany..
And yes i think they're fake and rude too..
Personally i hate TaeYeon..
She was freaking rude to Wonder Girls on Win Win ok..
Blardee bitch..

I only like don't hate SeoHyun because she kinda looks like SunMi..

Obviously my baby girl SunMi is waaaay prettier & cuter..

-L to R-
Sunny, Tiffany,
Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona
Jessica, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon..
(or least that's what i think and no i did not memorize their name..
there's google for that and i wont waste my brain capacity wtf)
I think Yuri is the least bitch one..
They dress up like some guys sick perverted fantasy..
That's why they're popular..
They can't sing and can hardly dance and they lip sync..
All of them sing in the same key, same tone, same annoying voice..
Their dance move is not even hard..
My brother can dance better wtf..
I love people who hates SNSD & i hate people who love SNSD..
After reading this i hate SNSD even more..

I'm working on a public holiday..
I need to blog a long post so i won't get bored..

Sooooo nice~
Me likes me likes!!
I wanna get one of these for my dad..
And one for myself wtf..
But it must be freaking hot to wear this kind of cloth wtf..
Ok i'm starting to feel lazy wtf..
Pls pray that my boss will let me go home early..
Early as in 1pm..
Not 3pm or 530pm wtf..


wany said...

yes,i hate them too

SNSDFAV said...

you hate snsd and i seems to understand you tough..but even though you hate them,pls don't insult them or post any negative commnets about them(if you have done it).:) Hey, who said the dance are easy,its difficult you should try and watch their new music videos its a catchy song..THEY have good voice what,especiallyy Taeyeon jessica seohyun and tifanny.. Anyways even if you hate them alot just ignore them okay? you wont be stress. Thx :)

SamL said...

@SNSDFAV - You are BY FAR the most polite Sone i've ever come across lol.. And srsly ppl shud see the dates of the posts before commenting.. This was my only post on SNSD out of 600+ posts.. Honestly though SNSD dont suck that bad.. Its the company + most of their fans that makes ppl dislike SNSD..

renata Yang said...

Maybe you're right... I like Seohyun too.. But actually if you're like Seohyun but not like all SNSD it might be you're not liked seohyun... So if you don't like all SNSD but liked seohyun that mean you're not like SNSD (actually Seohyun too)

SamL said...

@renata yang i have no idea what you're trying to say to me lol.. but c'mon this post was made on 7th Dec 2010 wtf?

Danielly Nery said...

Ok you can hate them !!
But you just don't need to insult them, they do their best just like your favorite group I am a sone and I didn't like your comment that was not polite and not good!!
Just think from the other side if someone talked about your bias would you like?? I don't think so but...
they are really awesome. I study music and I'm a dancer and as someone who knows I can say to you that they are really good singers(I don't agree with you of what you said of their voices) and I will say to you you can watch their choreographies and note that is not that easy try it sometime ;) try one of hyoyeon's choreography I bet that you will change your mind!!
Just don't be that rude or maybe someone can be rude to you
In my country we say something like " if you say what you want you may hear what you don't want to!"

SamL said...

Are you kidding me? This post was made in like 2010.. I'm a changed person now lol