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Friday, 10 December 2010

Mocha Ice Blended..

Big deal with Justin Bieber cutting his hair..
Speaking of which,
should i cut my hair?
check out the poll >>
LOL i wanna make it to national news too..

I think iced mocha is most probably my favourite drink..
Last night went out to yamcha with Jackie & QQ..
For the first time she's earlier than us..
Coz she had to go get coloured paper @ mega,
pink kuih @ pasar mlm & i had to bank in @ Cimb Ss2..
Supposed to meet at 8.30 but we reached at about 9.05..
Then we made her wait another 10mins
coz we were getting our drinks and sheperd pie downstairs..
Everyone had their own stuff to complain..
I was complain about my colleague not knowing what personal space is..

Then instead of comforting me or stuff like that,
they kept saying "accept her la"..
We talked and talked until around 11 then Qq left..
Then around 30mins later Jackied dropped me off @ home..
And conclusion is : people do change..
The only thing is, if the change if for the better or worse..

Yes, actually it does..Yes i have obssessive compulsive disorder..
(dont even know wanna say it's severe or minor..)
I almost rip my hair out when > [ > refer to my colleague],
was doing quotation and all the words are not aligned..
> doesnt stapler things according to invoice & page
even though i have told her about a hundred times..
And it also annoys me to the max when she taps
on the calculator so many times..
Example : 12 x 5 + 10488..
12 *taps xxxxx 5 *taps+++++ 10488 =
Walao hen annoying de lor ok..
(even though its not really her fault lol but i just want to rant)
And i have not mentioned that she spelt Seagull as Seda wtf!!

The world is full of mean people..
This dude Alviss Kong (22) commited suicide
after his 18year old girlfriend broke up with him..
(Personally i think its very stupid of him to do so)..
And people at the LowYat forum started a thread on it wtf..
Even though its so quite mean (and lifeless)..
But it was freaking hilarious lor ok..
Please click only if you think you won't get offended..

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