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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My Reply

Although this fella might come to my blog again,
but i just want to reply..
Because i am mou liu like that..
Chui meh?
Btw i just found "First International Anti-Snsd Forum"
Am i joining?
Are you kidding me?
Of course i am..
And this thread shows why TaeYeon is such a "great" leader..
And read this
Sones : Why are they the main reason of our dislike towards SNSD
And this..
If you worship SNSD, you are not a girl. You are a disgrace.
And this too wtf..

15 Dec 10, 00:22
SONE: Get a life , talk machiam like one small hater only ,
post at your small blog say i hate snsd , wtf

Posting comments on other peoples cbox means you have life.. (y)
Pls click on the last link on top tq..
What is machiam?
If machiam is macam then i dont think your sentence makes any sense..
Fyi macam and like is the same meaning..
Do blog have sizes?
Is 569posts big enough for you?
This is my blog and i am the only blogger here so ya,
only one not-so-small hater..

15 Dec 10, 00:23
SONE: Go somewhere like snsd fan page or what,
sones are so going to hunt you down , laughs .

Why would i bother to go and find Snsd fan page?
I roll my eyes everytime i see their face so why would i wanna go there?
And how are they gonna hunt me down?
GPS ah? /laughs wtf

15 Dec 10, 00:23

SONE: not happy about my comment ?
sue me lah dog , if you watch their recent performance like hoot , they

15 Dec 10, 00:24
SONE: hardly lip sync , yes ,
sometimes they do lip sync ,

Actually i am quite happy about your comment..
Because it shows i have reader &
that Sones have no life like me, and i can poke fun at your english..
Hardly lip sync? So it means they lip sync!
Their dance is so easy my brother can do it,
and their voice will be affected?
Eh pls la their voice was not even good to begin with..

15 Dec 10, 00:25
SONE: Try dancing Genie/Oh!/RDR while singing ,
i bet you'll sing worser than our 9 girls .

I will not humiliate myself by doing their stupid dance..
I'm not an artist nor have i been through training,
they had and yet they still suck..
I will not sing worser than your 9 girls because i dont know what worser is..

15 Dec 10, 00:26
SONE: Do you compare Tiffany / Jessica / Taeyeon to yourself?
Laughs , come show your talent out

I dont remember comparing myself to them..
and i won't because it will be degrading..
Pls teach me how to show my talent out tq..

15 Dec 10, 00:27

SONE: and lets see who's the talented one .
Can you sing like Taeyeon / Jessica ? Do you have eye smile

15 Dec 10, 00:27
SONE: like Tiffany ? No ?
Then stop scolding them , because people will compare YOU to the 9 girls .

If squeaking is a talent,
then i guess the two of them are VERY talented..
Eye smile life Tiffany?
Do you know that she is the most hated member of Snsd?
FYI I am not scolding them, i am voicing MY opinion..
I don't really care if people compare me to the 9
sluts girls..
It doesnt bother me..

15 Dec 10, 00:29
SONE: WG and SNSD are friends ,
they get well together , why bother hating each other ?

15 Dec 10, 00:29

They are friends and?
Pls refer to the third link above..
They dont get sick together, so they dont get well together wtf..
I am not a cannibal so i dont actually eat brains but thanks..
I created this blog in 2008 i didn't even know Snsd existed
so i did not create "a blog like that" to
keep scolding the 9 sluts girls..

15 Dec 10, 00:30
As per above, i said i am quite happy
and why are you so repetitive gosh..
And if you really wanted me to sue you,
you would've left your contact,name,address and such..
Don't be a coward tqvm..

SONE: Sunmi doesn't want a fan like you to be her baby girl,
who will disgrace their face by liking you

In case you cant read (which i doubt that since you can comment
or maybe your level of understanding is low)..

What i wrote was,
"Obviously my baby girl SunMi is waaaay prettier & cuter.."
They don't even know who i am so how is she gonna like me?
Please have some brain before saying something..


Why am i so mou liu..

My beloved QQ's reply..
15 Dec 10, 09:44
Jas: Sone>how to sue u when u didnt state wer u staying???
so u r one on the brainless ppl too..
15 Dec 10, 09:45
Jas: N its ppl blog y u care??
she can hate anyone y u care??u control her body??stupid
15 Dec 10, 09:52
Jas: Sone>btw u see a dog online before??
i guess u did not HAVE SUM BRAIN before scolding..peace!!

I think the place she came from, dogs can go online..

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