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Monday, 27 December 2010


Memories are faded just like the footprints in the sand,
when time comes the waves will wash it all away..
I tried so hard, but im already gone, you couldnt have loved me better..
You are the reason that i breathe,
you are the reason why i believe,
you are my destiny..
Always put you first,
You made it look so perfect i never wanted to let you go,
Wo Ai Ni?

I dreamt that proposed to Binnie..
What a dream..
Cant remember the whole dream
but i remember i was on one knee in front of her..
there has been so much drama for the past week..
And my QQ won't be back til tomorrow..
/dies again


Emily Yee said...

make it happen

$@M said...

yah i wish it could happen Lol..