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Monday, 6 December 2010

Rapunzel 3D! & Playez International

I woke up at 855am on a Sunday morning..
Coz i needed to pee..
Then i cant sleep..
i woke up and watched cartoon!!
After so long finally i get to watch cartoon LOL..
I just realised that Powerpuff Girls Z is so cool..
And funny too..
(So sia sueh wtf boss 7year old kid is talking about
Vampire Diaries and i talk about Powerpuff Girls)

Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles..
My fave between the 3 is obviously Buttercup..
Coz she's so damn cool..
Her most hated line was "You look cute in a dress"..

Went to Pyramid with Anna & Jaslyn..
Traffic was smooth but no parking at all..
Went all the way to the top..
Bought the tix for Rapunzel 3D,
went for Sakae sushi..
Was so damn full that we didn't get popcorn lol..

Movie was awesome!!!!!!!!!
First time i watched 3D was the Meatball show and it made me dizzy..
This time i didn't get dizzy..

Evil Mother Gothel who kidnapped poor Rapunzel..

Flynn Rider whose real name is Eugene
voiced by Zachary Levi..
Princess Rapunzel voiced by Mandy Moore..
Her voice was sooooo dreamy in the show..
And i didnt know she can sing that well!!
Pascal, her beloved pal the chameleon..
Maximus the Palace horse who is after Flynn..
The 2 of them are so damn cuteeeeeee..
Especially Pascal..
The face expression seriously made me laugh like mad..

Watching Disney animation was magical enough..
Watching it in 3D is even more magical..
My mouth was hanging open at some parts..
And the scene that the kings was crying,
i almost cried wtf..
Its nothing to be embarrassed about lor ok..
Even Xiaxue cried ok stfu..
Rapunzel is officially my second favourite Princess now..
The first will always be the mermaid Princess Ariel..

Meet up with Anna later coz she chose shopping over Rapunzel wtf..
Walked around..
Bought 2 pair of shoes at Playez..
Each Rm25 after discount..
So 2 pairs only Rm50..
*plucks hair off*

Yes, one is red and the other is pink..
Your eyes did not deceive you..
In 2011 pink will be a popular colour..
I foresee that tqvm..
Then went to Carl's Junior and QQ started peeping at peoples panty..
Together with Anna & they even used camera to zoom in..
Btw i heard the new 988 Chinese New Year album..
My review?
I am being completely and utterly serious..
Not biased at all..
Don't Buy It..
Not worth your money..
Even Anna, their loyal supporter thinks that it sucked..
I'm waiting for MyFm's album & movie..
I have faith in The Best Chinese radio station in Malaysia..

p/s : to those who haven't watched Rapunzel,
pls go and watch it..
You won't regret..

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