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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Selina 42Days after the incident..

- cr : limamyyensu

Finally get to hear her sweet voice again..
Every time i hear their voice,
i get this warm fuzzy feeling like I'm falling in love..

Hearing this clip makes me wanna cry..
I don't know why but i get emotional about things like this..

Yesterday, did my first facial mask wtf..
It's just to remove black head..
And also to tighten your skin wtf..
I would've called myself gay for doing this,
but it was good..
My skin feels tight and clean!!
If this is what being gay feels like, bring it on..LOL..
(Sorry no offence, i like gay people.. They're so funny..)
The girls were really friendly and funny..
And they speak hokkien!!
Funny funny people..
In case you hadn't noticed,
i like funny people..
I like being friends with funny lame-ish people..
Ah yes, where was I?
One of them said i'm cute..

I realised i dont like people touching me..
Especially strangers..
Like the lady from yesterday, hairstylist etc etc..
If its a male hairstylist i'm still ok with it..
I feel damn awkward when they brush up against me..
Like yesterday when she was applying that thing to my face..
Please dont ask me why..
I don't know..
It's just weird lar..

Pls go see this
lesbians who look like justin bieber
I'm not sure if i'm supposed to pity them for looking like him..
And one of my friends used to think that he is a Tomboy..

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