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Monday, 20 December 2010

TRON : Legacy

watched this show with QQ @ TGV..
And i found out that Tgv in 1U takde toilet wtf..
Its like at the opposite side unlike the one in GSC..
We decided to go Tgv because the line @ Gsc was freaking long..
And we anyhow decided on Tron..
And the popcorn combo comes with a Yo-yo!!
And the yo-yo will light up!
wtf, childish..

Tron : Legacy - Wiki Page


Kevin Flynn Vs Clu..
(Jeff Brigdes)

Dude is so damn fly..
And somehow he reminds me of Moses..
When he appeared on screen i almost shouted MOSES!

Quorra (Olivia Wilde)
Somehow i don't find her attractive at all..

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund)
In the beginning where he appeared with the Ducati,
i fell in love........with the bike wtf..
And i dont know why but one scene @ his "apartment"
reminded me of Terminator 2..
My fave scene was the Light Cycle match..
It was freaking awesome..
Should've watched it in 3D..
If Rapunzel was a 9/10,
Tron would be 7/10..
I was more impressed by Rapunzel LOL..
Maybe because it was in 3D..

Met up with Mandy who i havent seen for the past half year..
Went to Wong Kok and meet up with
Had our dinner, talked and laughed..

Later that night,

meet up with Jackie together with Mandy..
They make me feel depressed LOL..
Just kidding..

QQ & I also stalked TeeTee's friend Thum2..

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