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Friday, 14 January 2011

Christmas? LOL.. Letter #3

Since the Bible gives no actual date for Christ’s birth,
it is a topic that has been left to interpretation and debate.
Early Christians did not bother to attempt to pinpoint
the date of his birth because they were more interested
in deaths and feast days at that time.

By the fourth century, however,
church leaders decided that they needed a Christian
celebration to compete with the solstice celebrations of nonbelievers.
They settled on December 25th and celebrated
the first Feast of the Nativity in Rome in 336 AD.
This directly challenged the preexisting celebration
of the birth of the Cult of Mithras’s infant god of light!

Nevertheless, taking a closer look at the Bible’s text,
we realize that Luke 2:8’s “shepherds keeping watch over their flock by night”
can mean only one thing -
Jesus’ birth had to have occurred in the spring!
This is because shepherds would only watch their flocks
both day and night during the lambing season.

Do you know what this means?
Christmas is not meant to be celebrated..
What you gonna do now huh?
Are you still gonna celebrate Christmas?
And sabbath is supposed to be on Saturday not Sunday..

Day 2, #3

Dear ex-best friend,
I saw this the other day,

"I wish friendships lasted forever,
I wish what I did to you wasn't so cruel.
I wish I could take that conversation and delete it from your mind,
and I wish that we could be the same friends as we were before.
Best friends. I miss you.
'It only takes a second to tear down a bridge,
but it takes a lifetime to build it back up."

And i thought of you..
Actually, i think about you more often than not..
I think about the stupid stuff we did..
The stupid jokes we cracked..
I dont think i can mention my high school memory
without mentioning you..
Do i regret what happened between us?
Obviously i do..
Sometimes i wish i can turn back time and make it all ok..
But that is not possible..
I guess it all happened because we were too immature at that time?
It was partly my fault.
I was too egoistic, i kept grudge coz i wanted to "teach you a lesson"..
How badly do i want it back?
Real bad..
I sincerely wish that things would go back the way it was..
You know, before things got so damn complicated..
So, what do i do?

p/s : i will hit whoever that makes fun of me..

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