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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Exploding head / Letter #4

Remember 2days ago i was saying about
one malay guy complimented on my BM?
He came today to take his air-cond..
So i was helping him yada yada yada..
Then before he left,
he took out his wallet (i thought he wanna keep the bill)..
Then he said,
"Thank you for helping me"
so i was like its ok then he shake my hand and push Rm50 to me
(the way people secretly give money?)
while saying Happy CNY..
I was shocked and kept saying never mind its ok
while trying to push back to him..
He just ran away..
So i just said thank you..

For the past few days i keep getting headache..
Whenever i watch porn get excited or shocked
i get this really bad headache..
Like pounding and shit like that..
See the diagram above,
its the part that is circled in red..
Seriously pain till wana die..
I can feel my veins pounding and pulling..
What the hell is wrong with me man..

Letter #4..
Something in this picture belongs to you (look a little closer tq)..
You mean alot to me, not in the gay-sort-of-way ok..
Sometimes i think you know me better than i know myself..
And i'm comfortable enough with you to tell you
my innermost thoughts..
About how i feel toward
"the-one-who-must-not-be-named" wtf..
The stupidest thing i did was make you wait with me
for like 7hours lol..
I think you are one of the person i trust most..
Like seriously..
Actually i dont know what to say,
but if you leave me i will be heart brokened
and then i will hunt you down and burn your house wtf..
(Just joking la about the burning part)

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