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Monday, 31 January 2011

The First Time.

So, imma tell you about the first time i cried in cinema..
Someone proposed to me wtf..

Its everywhere not every where ok..

Saturday, 29-01-2011,
the works of a crazy fellow..
And i went for dinner with Jackie,Mandy,VoonHong & QQ..
Hung around, ate, talked, laughed..
And it was the first time i step foot in Ss2 Mall..
And i failed at communicating..
After dinner we decide to go TCM (and QQ left us wtf)..

There was some show at TCM
with JymChong, StellaChong,AmyWang & one chick wtf..
They cant sing, in my opinion..
Wanted to watch movie but the tix left are the front rows..
So, we decided to yamcha..
And somehow me and Hong were like high on drugs or something lol..
We went to Yippie cup sit & talk & laugh & crap & laugh
and get high..

Sunday, 30-01-2011
Went to 1Utama Neway,
songs from WonderGirls,SpiceGirls,SuJu,9Sluts,
Westlife, and so on andso forth..
Their food was so damn filling wtf..
Then, went to arcade with my bro..
We played the motor racing thing and i was kinda
half squating for like 5mins and my muscles are hurting..
I am old T_T..
Then we played this and that and we screamed in that wtf..
I am failing LOL..

We saw lion dance outside Cold Storage..

See the guy in black?
He is freaking retarded wtf..
He stood so damn near the 'lions' and doesnt seem to
understand what is back off..
Their crew have to keep standing behind the 'lion'
to make sure it doesnt bang into people and stuff..

Performance in 1Utama..
The decoration is quite simple only..

I watched 天天好天 (Great Day) with my siblings..
This is a really really really good movie..
I am totally not bullshitting..
The movie wasnt even halfway through i started tearing..
I cried throught the whole show..
And i also laughed the whole time..
大日子 (Big Day) made me cried to but not as bad as this show..
天天好天 seriously made me cry & laugh at the same time..
I even choked on my tears..
I got annoyed at myself for crying non stop LOL..
Tears were streaming down my face the whole time..
I think everyone in the cinema cried..
After the show ended my eyes were puffy and red..
This is like one of the best show i have watched in the past years..
Everyone should seriously watch this show..

After movie went for dinner together with Mandy..
As usual, talk, laugh, crap, laugh etc etc etc..
I am now Justin Bieber..
See that pair of thing..
I am forcing her to take one with her to Aus..

My sis bought Lelio Popo starring KK & Luke from 988..
This show, this show,
is also another must watch if you love comedy..
I laughed so hard i almost fainted..
There's a touching scene and i teared..
But this show is more laugh than tears like 80 : 20
while 天天好天 is 50:50 i cried and laughed so much in a day..
I love KK alot, i've been watching/listening to him
since i was a little kid hahaha..
My mom was complaining this morning about me
laughing too damn loudly and disturbing her sleep..

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