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Monday, 17 January 2011

It has been revealed that the Wonder Girls have been volunteering
to help others in secret for nearly two years now.
According to their agency, JYP Entertainment,
the girls have been constantly volunteering
at the Kwangju orphanage for infants the past two years.
Not only that, Ye Eun has donated 10 million won
to help children with deformities and have been a great role model for others.
The agency added that it’s not known to others about Wonder Girls’ volunteer work.
Despite their busy schedule, they have made time to visit medical centers
and secretly donate to charities.
They added,
“All the members have warm hearts. They didn’t want
others to know because they didn’t want the meaning of their work to be undermined.”

The Wonder Girls are currently working on a new English song.
JYP has also revealed that the best writers have been working
on the Wonder Girls’s new album.
Wonderfuls can look forward to a new Wonder Girls material coming soon!

- cr : YeEun Impact

Why is my colleague sooooo stupid and annoying?!
I think this is the first time i feel like hitting my colleague so badly..
Even the previous one is not this bad..
That one is just stupid,
while this one is stupid but still wanna act smart..
Plus she's freaking annoying and doesnt know what is personal space..

p/s : Letter #4 to be postponed.. :X

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