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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Random Pics

One malay dude just complimented me on my Bahasa Malaysia..
I'm so damn freaking happy LOL..
I mentioned it before i'll mention it again..
I just LOVE to flaunt my (almost) perfect B.M..

Can you see what i see?
Taken @ ss2 opposite Wai Sek Kai..

I think this place have the nicest Ikan Bakar i've tasted
in the 14 years of my life staying in PJ..
Its next to Mydin (i think) the one in Masjid Jamek area (i think)..

On the left,
we have my childhood toy (no, not really wtf)
Its a gun & the bullet wtf..
No worries it wont kill/injures..
It just goes BANG really loudly..
And on the right,
is something i always buy for my cousins and myself wtf..
My dad bought a whole packet but he gave me one only..

The decoration @ Times Square was nice..
Even though it wasnt completed..
I wanna go back there and see..

I decided to be a retard..
My bro bought one too but different design la..
And pls ignore the coconut head..
Oh i found a necklace i used to wear back in Form5..
The chain is just a simple string la wtf..
I cant wear it now..
FML man..
My head grew so damn much..

While i was at it,
i found my spm verification thingy..
You know the one you need to have or else you cant sit for the exam?
Yea, thats the one..

I dont remember when was this taken..
Most prob during the time I went to Starbucks
with Mandy and the gang and VoonHong asked,
"Why am you wearing LALA SHOES!"

The slip-ons that was meant for Cny..
But i wore it like twice wtf..
Its ok i still have another pair..
And CNY is in like 13days wtf!!

p/s : letter #4 to be posted tomorrow..
No time to post today..
Actually i am too lazy/distracted to post wtf..

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