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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Random Pics

So, i changed my phone strap.
Orange colour!!
And i also bought a purple cover for my other phone!!
Coz Wonder Girls official colour is Pearl Burgundy
and i am colour blind when it comes to colour shade FML..

We are always doing things like this..
And also at random places..

A retarded driver who parks the car
like its his fathers road..

So, last Sunday we went to Leisure Mall again..
And there was this two guys..

I dont like the guy in black shirt,
but i feel the guy in green kinda looks like TaeMin from SHINee..
But TaeMin is obviously cuter la..
But this two the voice quite good..

Bought BakGua & 2tongs of cookie,
and my mom met her ex-school mate from Setiawan..

The cute-but-not-so-cute bunny giving out sweets..
My dad was like,
'That's not bunny, bunny hops"
Erm wtf..

This is what me & him always do when my sis/mom
are looking around for clothes or are in th changing room..

Look at the centre "Moss" and not the lady clad in red bra tqvm..
What does the logo look like to you?
In case you dont know how it looks like, click here..
And we bumped into my grand uncle&aunt..
Imagine, my dads aunt is same age as him..
But who am i to speak..
I have a niece who have the same name & age as me..
And also an uncle who is younger than me by a year..
So, yea FML..

And i freaking miss you..

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