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Monday, 10 January 2011


Last thursday Mandy,VoonHong,Jas,Jackie&I
went for a drink @ 32Square Starbucks..
We discussed the even on Twitter
to make it easier for our stalker wtf..
We talked about everything under the sky..
Even quarreled over Sebastian,
if it was a crab or a lobster..
Obviously it was a crab la..
Then we talked about stuff and stuffs wtf..

And i'm going back to Kedah on 3rd Feb afternoon..
I'm super excited wtf..
Before this i was super emo coz might not be going back..
But now..

And i found fuckyeahlaughters tumblr..
Freaking funny..
Damn true lor this one..

Can anyone confirm me if this is true?

This is also super true..LOL
I like Nemo..

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