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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I'm going to teach you how to curse in Korean..
Look at the chart below..

The first phrase i learned today,
Nu choogle lea = Do you wanna die
and i like it..

Geseki = Son of a bitch.
Samanes-seki = Son of shit.
Yumago = Fuck you
Shibseki = Bitch
Kochu = Dick
Ja-shick = You are a bastard
Boji/Poji = Pussy
Chaji = Dick
Shang nyunv = Bitch
Sheba-nom = Fuck you
Sheeba = Shit
Shi bal/Shiba/Shibal/SeeBal = Fuck
Shibalnyun = Bitch
Ah nua ssibal nisaeggi niginda = You son of bitch you gonna die
Babo = Fool
Gae saeki = Son of a bitch
Gguh juh = Get the fuck out of my sight
Jotbab = Weak piece of shit
Shi bai kepu seck yFi = Fuck your mum
(If someone say this to me,
i would punch the fella in the face..
You can curse anything but no family included..)
Ttong-koo-mung = Butt hole
Nu jogule = Youwant to die
Um chang sae kki = Stupid whore

Shibal was the first official korean curse word i learned LOL..
And i think the word shibal is real funny..

2 Different Tears :X
I dont know if this it true..
I never notice this wtf..
Can someone pls try and let me know..

-Kid Leader Vs Real Leader-
I dislike TaeYeon and i did not make this..
I love SunYe..
She's one of the best leaders around..

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