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Thursday, 13 January 2011


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Its mid-January and its my 4th post..

I remember this so clearly..
Like it was yesterday..
When i was in secondary school,
and the maths teacher gave homework
i'll flip open, stare at it and dont do wtf..

I hate this kind of people..
My father's mother's sister's son is this type of person..
And it is so typical Malaysian..

I wish i had learned this comeback when i was still in high school..
Even though my purpose of going to the toilet is not to pee..

Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME!

Like my dad..
Asian parents need to make up their minds..
One moment they will be like
"Adults talking here, go away.."
The next momeny they are like
"How old are you? So big still play with those stuff"
Erm wtf?

I saw this on a blog..
"Write 30 letters to 30 different people over a span of 30 days."
So in an attempt to make my blog not so dead,
i will try to do this wtf..
But do i have 30 different people to write to?
*thinks hard*
Ok, most probably no but i will try..

Day 1, Letter #1..

Dear Maxis,

Fucking idiot..
Can you please upgrade your damn service?
I used to think you are better than Digi..
But i guess you just love to prove me wrong..
I seriously wanna stop using maxis..
The stupid subscribtion is like shit..
I might change to Celcom..

Day 1, Letter #2..

Dear McDonalds..
Pls fire the stupid guy who sent my delivery last night..
He messed up the order TWICE,
the drinks spilled half cup out of each 3cups,
3sets but came with 2 fries one is curly fries wtf?
He says he will come back with the fries and the change for Rm50..
All McD deliverer (?) have change wan lor ok..
I waited one hour for the delivery
and another 1hour + for the fucking fries & change..
p/s : the guy was from Sec14..

and yes i am so random..

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