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Friday, 25 February 2011

Cny Day 1 & 2

After 2weeks lol..
So this year Cny we went back on the 1st Lunar Day..
Traffic freaking jam like mad..
Its like the car is not even moving..
And we had a puncture wtf..
Had to go in to Bidor to get it fixed and
thank God there's one workshop that is open..
It took us like 8hours plus to reach Kedah wtf..

I need & want more cap like this..
But wearing cap makes people bald wtf..
I already have a bald spot FML..
The first night there..
My cousin on the PSP and my bro ... ... ...
Their bromance is damn geli wtf..
They have been close since like they were really young lol..

So on the 2nd night my aunt did like a small buffet dinner..

And we ate and laugh and joked..
Matt : You see this tiger claw? Rawr!
Jacob : Eek! My neck..
Wtf i am lame lol..

My 3 cousins became even bigger huggers than before lol..
Its like they kept clinging to me/mysis/mycousingf wtf..
And they kept calling me Hwang Tae Kyung..
Because i tied my hair like this
I think its more like the kid down here..
Yes more like this except only the fringe part..
Coz my fringe is long and the weather is too damn hot..
Everyone was making fun of me and stuff like that..
But its ok I am Hwang Tae Kyung LOL..

The 3culprit that called me TaeKyung and so-called "S.H.E"..
They are into K-pop too..

After dinner we talked and laughed and joked..
And its the time where crazy antics & fireworks comes out..
We had 'lion dance'..
Formed by my cousins and my brother..
Its crazily funny that my aunt almost (or did) peed in her pants..
LMFAO ok..
There's videos but i dont know how to upload :X

My extremely cute but damn naughty nephew..
I think he loves his hair more than anything else..
Tsk tsk tsk..

Oh hey, look..
To be continued tomorrow..

Too Cute To Not Be Shared!!

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