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Thursday, 31 March 2011


Sometimes its easier to bottle every up inside..
But no matter what you do/say,
how you act, people will still judge you..
If you talk people will say you talk..
When you dont talk people say you are arrogant..
If you laugh loudly people will say you are disrespectful/not ladylike..
You cover you mouth when you laugh people say you're fake..

This is the perfect example of my sister..
Last time when i talk about YooMin (YooBin + SunYe)
she would start saying things like yuck disgusting and shit like that..
And then she starting liking SuJu..
Then she started saying things like
HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae..
She's a homophobe & she loves double standard yay..

We were watching tv the other day..
And the kid fell (on his head) and his dad sends him to hospital..
She says its unnecessary and dramatic..
Ya says the person who freaked out when HeeChul got hit
by that motherfucking led board..
She freaks out about her "HeeNim" getting hit
(just a small scratch lor ok)
but i cannot get upset about Selina's injuries..
Sometimes i get really really REALLY
pissed off and offended about stuff like this..
Some people might say i take my fandom too seriously..
Honestly, i dont think so (maybe jz a lil)..
Hello at least i dont go suing a company bcoz
their stupid idols didnt get some lame award..
Its been like months and they still cant get over it..
This morning i got really pissed off at my dad
but i just stfu and ignore him..

I'm a Gemini and the trait most associated with
Gemini's are bipolar (and bisexual LOL)..
I admit i am bisexual bipolar though..
Its like i am macho (ahem) but sensitive at the same time..
I have OCD but my room looks like it was hit by tornado..
I can laugh but on the inside i feel like
i was hit by a truck or something like that wtf..
And once in a while i would have this fucking mood swing..
No its not pms / period or those bullshit..
It comes at random times and it always make me feel like crying..
I'm supposed to be "macho" and stuff like that
but i like cute stuff and cute things..
Sometimes i feel like i'm such a big freak wtf..
I'd rather hide it all inside so that people dont judge me
for what i know, what i dont know and how i feel..
But obviously my family will just ask me
to sleep it off or some lame shit asian families does..

I know i'm great at sweet talking / giving advice
(online at least) ask QQ she would know i mean the advice part..
Actually i dont even know whats the
main purpose of this post anymore wtf..

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

28 years ago 30/03/1983

Happy 28th Birthday to my Beloved Hebe田馥甄..
My baby girl is all grown up now..
Padahal she is elder than me..
I finally get my hands on S.H.E Is The One concert Dvd..
Had to lie to my mom it was Rm50..
She was going to shoot me LOL..
I will insist to buy it even though she shot me..

Friday, 25 March 2011

Malaysia's first film with gay lead characters breaks taboo

A scene from ... Dalam Botol, which features a gay male character
who regrets having a sex-change procedure.

.. Dalam Botol shocks conservative politicians
but is criticised by gay activists for negative ending

Boy meets boy. Boy falls in love with boy.
Boy has a sex-change procedure in a misguided attempt to please his lover.
Boy regrets his decision, moves back to hometown and falls in love with a girl.

The plot of … Dalam Botol (… In a Bottle),
's first feature film with gay lead characters,
is causing a stir in the Muslim-majority country,
where consensual sodomy is illegal and
depictions of homosexuality in pop culture are taboo.

The film opens next Thursday,
but has already provoked the ire of religious organisations.
The youth wing leader of the conservative
Pan-Malaysian Islamic party (PAS) called it a
"shocking" attempt to promote gay culture.

Malaysia's censorship board advised the film's producer,
Malaysian novelist Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman,
to cut a nude scene and drop the word Anu – the Malay word for peni
s – from the start of the title.
"I don't understand what all of the fuss is about.
This is a love story. What I am doing is not wrong," he said.

The film will screen in 52 cinemas throughout the
country and cost about RM1m (£202,000) to make,
which is low-budget by Malaysian standards.
It is based on the life of Raja Azmi's friend who regretted having a sex-change procedure.
She said: "If my film has a message, it's please don't change yourself for love.
My friend has suffered so much,
and I don't want other people to suffer like him."

This message has found little resonance with
the country's handful of gay activists,
who have joined the religious authorities in criticising the film,
although for very different reasons.
Alex, 28, a financial analyst who blogs anonymously
about gay issues and asked that his real name be withheld,
said that while the film's groundbreaking depiction
of gay characters could be seen as a sign of progress,
he worried it would reinforce stereotypes in Malaysian culture.
"The ending is very negative.
Having the main character regret being gay
and falling in love with a woman is not
going to help our image problem here,
" he said.

Malaysia's film censorship rules require gay and
transgendered characters to regret their actions and
learn from supposed mistakes, guidelines to which
… Dalam Botol had to conform in order to receive screening permission.

"This is not the Brokeback Mountain of Malaysia.
It presents LGBT people as depressed and confused,"
said Yuki Choe, 35, a transsexual activist in Kuala Lumpur.
"Malaysian society is trying to shame us.
But whether we like it or not, this is a Muslim country,
and it's difficult to be open about your sexuality here."

In December, a gay Muslim man, Azwan Ismail,
reported receiving death threats after posting a video on
YouTube calling on Malaysian gay people to be more confident.
A prominent Muslim cleric called the clip insulting to Islam.

In October, PAS urged authorities to cancel a concert by gay
American singer Adam Lambert. The show went ahead,
but party activists protested outside.

Malaysia's anti-sodomy law, a hold-over from the
British colonial administration, provides a maximum
penalty of 20 years in prison and a lashing.

Popular opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim is
currently on trial for the crime,
in what many Malaysians consider a politically motivated attempt to end his career.
In general though, prosecutions are rare as
long as gay people remain discreet, said Andrew Khoo,
chairman of the Malaysian Bar Council human rights committee.

But the Anwar case and … Dalam Botol have thrust (LOL)
the issue of gay rights into the spotlight, he said.
"The government can't run away from homosexuality.
We're happy that the film is pushing the issue out into the open.
But the problem is that the government, through the film censorship board,
is controlling how the issue is being discussed."

In recent years, a small gay rights movement has emerged
to talk about the issue on its own terms.
"It is very early days," said Kevin Baker of the PT Foundation,
a Malaysian HIV charity.
"Hopefully this will continue and help more
LGBT people feel comfortable about their sexuality."

Despite some Malaysians believing that the film has an agenda,
its director, Khir Rahman, said it had no overt message.
"Our goal was to tell the story as honestly as possible.
If you want to get more out of it, that's up to you," he said.

The title was supposed to be Anu Dalam Botol..
Anyone wanna watch this with me?
I'm surprised that this is actually gonna be aired in Malaysia..

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Random Thought

Random Thought..
I remember back in form4 (i think),
the teacher was talking about radiation and mutation..
The students opened their mouths but
the teacher stopped them by saying,
"Not like X-Men"..
LOL wtf..
The future of our country lies in the hands of these students..

[x] graduated high school.
[x] smoked a cigarette.
[] kissed someone (apart from family).
[] gotten so drunk you passed out.
[x] ridden every ride at an amusement park.
(on separate days thou)
[x] collected something really stupid.
[] gone fishing.
[] watched four movies in one night.
[] gone long periods of time with out sleep.
[x] lied to someone.
[] snorted cocaine.

[x] failed a class.

[] dealt drugs.
[x] been in a car accident.
(minor twice)

[] been in a tornado.
[] done hard drugs.

[] watched someone die.

[x] been to a funeral.
[x] burned yourself.
[] run a marathon.
[x] cried yourself to sleep.
[x] spent over $200 in one day.
[] flown on a plane.
[?] cheated on someone.
(err not really? wtf.. holding hands with friend = cheating?)
[?] been cheated on.

[] written a 10 page letter.
[] gone skiing.
[] been sailing.
[x] had a best friend.
[x] lost someone you loved.
[x] shoplifted something.

[] been to jail.
[] dangerously close to being in jail.
[x] had detention.
[x] skipped school.
[x] got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
[] stolen books from the library.
[] gone to a different country.
[] dropped out of school.

[] been in a mental hospital.
[x] watched the “harry potter” movies.

[x] had an online diary.
[] fired a gun.

[] gambled in a casino.

(been to one but no gambling)
[] had a yard sale.
[] had a lemonade stand.
[] actually made money at the lemonade stand.
[] been in a school play

[] taken a lie detector test.

[] swam with dolphins.

[] gone to sea world.
[x] voted for someone on a reality tv show.
[] written poetry.

[x] read more than 20 books a year
[] gone to Europe.
[x] loved someone you shouldn't’t have.

[x] used a coloring book over age 12.
[] had surgery.
[] had stitches.
[x] taken a taxi.
[] seen the Washington monument.
[x] had more than 5 IMs/online conversations going at once.
[] overdosed.
[] had a drug or alcohol problem.
[] been in a fist fight.
[x] suffered any form of abuse.
[x] had a hamster.
[x] pet a wild animal
[] gone surfing in California.
[] done “spirit day” at school.

[x] dyed your hair.
[] gotten a tattoo.
[x] had something pierced.
[] gotten straight As.
[] been on the honor roll.

[] known someone with HIV or AIDS.

[] taken pictures with a web cam.

[] started a fire.

[] gotten caught having/going to a party while parents were gone

Hello baby..

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Yesterday something amazing happened..
I can recognise my pet-sis voice after
681436416years not meeting her..
She called this radio program thingy..
I amaze myself at times..
I'm awesome..
I do this..
Almost all the time..
If an annoying neighbour is nearby i will whip out my phone
and pretend to text or put my earphone in..

Agreed 100%..
Everyone thinks they're expert at everything LOL..
I tweeted something similiar LOL..
Nuff said..

Guilty as charged..
I keep using "I was like"..
That would be my parents..

Friday, 18 March 2011


Watching Dora The Explorer makes you stupid..
Rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green,blue, indigo & violet..
There are 7 colours in rainbow not five..
Oh dubbed version of Dora makes you even stupider..
LOL and no i wasnt watching this show..

Me Gusta!!

Every year..
Every class..
Best example : Yong Mei Yan..

LOL everyday..
This is me..

Ya.. WHY?!
I can still sing songs from Backstreet Boys, Westlife,
Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten LOL..
Oh how i miss the 90's..

I dont do that..
No i dont..
It would make me a stalker..
Well i am but i am a professional stalker
and i dont imagine stuff like that LOL..

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

For those of you who are short on money but still want to help out

Free Rice is a game where for every right answer you get,
they’ll donate rice to people in need in Japan.
(Source:, via royalvillain)


Monday, 14 March 2011

The Dvd


The movie is about college student Chris,
the only child in a struggling single-parent family,
and his exciting, yet dangerous journey into Malaysia’s dark
and shady underworld of crime and piracy run by gangsters.
Unfortunately for Chris, his wealth and so-called
glamorous life come at the expense of his family,
friends and true love as he is unable to escape from the deep,
dark abyss that has become his life.

Surin also wrote and directed the movie,
regarded as a truly Malaysian movie with English,
Malay and Cantonese dialogue.
Generally, it has been categorised as an English movie
with a PG13 classification.
The movie’s leading cast include Ernest Chong Shun Yuan,
who won the best supporting actor award at the recent ntv7 Golden Awards;
Chye Yang, a well-known and familiar face in local Chinese movies;
and talented newcomers Carrine Chong Su Sian and Ganesh Venugopal.

THE DVD Movie Synopsis:

This is a story of Chris,
young college student living with his widower mother.
He lives the kind of life of any below the average student,
barely passing his exams.
Until an incident with a school bully one day causes
an accidental meeting with a strange dark savior
who would changes his life forever.
He moves into the life of crime,
which brings him to a different world.
His world changes although he is unable to realize it
will destroy everything good in his life including
his relationships with his mother and loving girlfriend.
With fame and fortune he drifts further a way from reality
and is unable to realize that he is falling into an abyss he can’t get out of.
However through the love of people who truly love him,
he finds salvation and a new life that helps him to leave evil.

Production: Infinite Entertainment
Year of Production: 2005
Language: English / Malay / Cantonese
Subtitle: English / Malay / Mandarin
Format: HDV
Release Date: 03 March 2011
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Director: Surin Gnanalingam
Cast: Chong Shun Yuan, Chye Chee Keong,
Carrine Chong, Hansel Choi, Ganesh Venugopal


This is the fucking shitiest movie i've ever watched in the cinema..
It's even worse than Skeleton Key which i watched back in 2005?
And one stupid korean horror movie back in 2007..
This movie is like those crappy movies that Tv2 air..
The kinda movie that makes you change the channel..
I wasted 11bucks for this movie that 4person watch..
The 4person includes me, my sis and one old married couple..
"Generally, it has been categorised as an English movie with a PG13 classification."
LOL are you freaking kidding me?
Their english is so damn bad it makes me feel like killing myself..
And the lady behind us actually LOL-ed at their english..
So many times i felt like walking out of the cinema..
The script write should be shot in in a near range..
Almost every single line ends with "ok"

Girl : i'm leaving ok!
Boy : dont leave stay ok?
Girl : i'm leaving ok you come with me ok?
Boy : NO ok!
Girl : fine i'm leaving without u ok..
*boy throws money at her*
Boy : Just leave i dont care ok..
All i could think of was
It's seriously damn frustrating to watch the damn show..
"The movie’s leading cast include Ernest Chong Shun Yuan,
who won the best supporting actor award at the recent ntv7 Golden Awards;
Chye Yang, a well-known and familiar face in local Chinese movies;
and talented newcomers Carrine Chong Su Sian and Ganesh Venugopal."
Yeah coz they are super duper talented..
The main guy ( Ernest Chong) and the bad guy Vincent (Chye Yang)
was ok but they should stick to acting in chinese movie..
Watching the girl act is like watching a
3year old kid giving motivational speech..

I support Malaysian stuff esp movies..
Actually i watched this because its a local movie..
But i was sooooo damn freaking disappointed..
I know not everyone is Yasmin Ahmad but
what the hell lor..
I almost fell asleep in the cinema..

Thursday, 10 March 2011

3rd Night? 4th & 5th Day?

Cny has been over for more than a month now lol..
I'm gonna finish my Cny post and then
blog about the shittiest show i've ever watched in the cinema..

This was a few years back when we celebrated Cny in Kl..
Most probably 2007/08..
Look at the one on far right with blue blouse..
Saturday night, Kedah starts school/work on Sunday..
She have school the next day and she didnt do any
home work that was given to her prior Cny..

This fella go sibuk with other ppl's school bag & books..
This is ^ her brother..
4Minute fan boy..

This was Sunday afternoon after lunch coz she forced us
to wait for her to come back from school..
She had to sing that day..

*no face see people*

This is at my grandfather's restaurant back in Perak..
This table has been in the restaurant a few hundred years back LOL..
Ever since i was a kid i kept drawing on it with chalk..
I feel so nostalgic everytime i see this table..
I think this is the only thing they brought over from the old shop..

Teluk Batik!
It has been forever since i touched sand and sea water..
We were asking our parents to let us go Teluk Batik for a swim,
they said no but we really wanted to play with the sand & water
but we didnt bring clothes along..
So, me and my bro took out our pants and played by the shore with boxers..
Luckily i decided to wear boxers..
I sometimes dream about running around in the sand at Teluk Batik..

Imagine two dumbfucks wearing polo t + boxers
running around the seashore at 12noon..
And no we were not trying to fart or having stomach ache..

Look how happy he is playing with sand..
Relaxing under the shade and watching 2 of their kids getting burnt..
I wanna go for a swim someday..

"They paved paradise to put up a parking lot~"
This line is kinda suitable for this place..
There was a mountain that looks like crocodile..
It was beautiful until some people blew up a hole in its head..
Teluk Batik is also infested with hotels and chalets..
I also managed to tan myself for about 2days
and now i am fair again wtf..
And i also am missing my cousins..

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cny Day 3

My forever fave cousin..

The two sisters out of 5siblings..
If i post this on fb she will hit me..
But its too damn cute.. LOL

We're dancing at the cemetery..

Kena paksa..

I'm always doing embarrassing things when
i'm with my family so yea..

Everyone is hiding from the sun..

Eldest son..
Eldest daughter after my dad..
Her kids, & her grandkids wtf..
2nd son's son & daughter & gf..
2nd daughter..
4th daughter..
(The 3rd daughter went back to Kl)
The 5th daughter..

I just realised my youngest aunt family photo is not here..
Sister's cam, sister's fault..

Breakfast/lunch @ kedai potong kepala nasi kandar..

Somehow this year we go around kissing one another..

The grandchildrens..
Just one small part of it..
Later that day at home..Later that night after dinner at some place wtf..

Ok i still have thirty over pictures to post and i am done..
These are the picture from the day we went
to visit my grandparents grave..
I miss my Jessica..
My parents are going to Johor on thurs but i cant go..