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Thursday, 10 March 2011

3rd Night? 4th & 5th Day?

Cny has been over for more than a month now lol..
I'm gonna finish my Cny post and then
blog about the shittiest show i've ever watched in the cinema..

This was a few years back when we celebrated Cny in Kl..
Most probably 2007/08..
Look at the one on far right with blue blouse..
Saturday night, Kedah starts school/work on Sunday..
She have school the next day and she didnt do any
home work that was given to her prior Cny..

This fella go sibuk with other ppl's school bag & books..
This is ^ her brother..
4Minute fan boy..

This was Sunday afternoon after lunch coz she forced us
to wait for her to come back from school..
She had to sing that day..

*no face see people*

This is at my grandfather's restaurant back in Perak..
This table has been in the restaurant a few hundred years back LOL..
Ever since i was a kid i kept drawing on it with chalk..
I feel so nostalgic everytime i see this table..
I think this is the only thing they brought over from the old shop..

Teluk Batik!
It has been forever since i touched sand and sea water..
We were asking our parents to let us go Teluk Batik for a swim,
they said no but we really wanted to play with the sand & water
but we didnt bring clothes along..
So, me and my bro took out our pants and played by the shore with boxers..
Luckily i decided to wear boxers..
I sometimes dream about running around in the sand at Teluk Batik..

Imagine two dumbfucks wearing polo t + boxers
running around the seashore at 12noon..
And no we were not trying to fart or having stomach ache..

Look how happy he is playing with sand..
Relaxing under the shade and watching 2 of their kids getting burnt..
I wanna go for a swim someday..

"They paved paradise to put up a parking lot~"
This line is kinda suitable for this place..
There was a mountain that looks like crocodile..
It was beautiful until some people blew up a hole in its head..
Teluk Batik is also infested with hotels and chalets..
I also managed to tan myself for about 2days
and now i am fair again wtf..
And i also am missing my cousins..

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