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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cny Day 3

My forever fave cousin..

The two sisters out of 5siblings..
If i post this on fb she will hit me..
But its too damn cute.. LOL

We're dancing at the cemetery..

Kena paksa..

I'm always doing embarrassing things when
i'm with my family so yea..

Everyone is hiding from the sun..

Eldest son..
Eldest daughter after my dad..
Her kids, & her grandkids wtf..
2nd son's son & daughter & gf..
2nd daughter..
4th daughter..
(The 3rd daughter went back to Kl)
The 5th daughter..

I just realised my youngest aunt family photo is not here..
Sister's cam, sister's fault..

Breakfast/lunch @ kedai potong kepala nasi kandar..

Somehow this year we go around kissing one another..

The grandchildrens..
Just one small part of it..
Later that day at home..Later that night after dinner at some place wtf..

Ok i still have thirty over pictures to post and i am done..
These are the picture from the day we went
to visit my grandparents grave..
I miss my Jessica..
My parents are going to Johor on thurs but i cant go..

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