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Thursday, 31 March 2011


Sometimes its easier to bottle every up inside..
But no matter what you do/say,
how you act, people will still judge you..
If you talk people will say you talk..
When you dont talk people say you are arrogant..
If you laugh loudly people will say you are disrespectful/not ladylike..
You cover you mouth when you laugh people say you're fake..

This is the perfect example of my sister..
Last time when i talk about YooMin (YooBin + SunYe)
she would start saying things like yuck disgusting and shit like that..
And then she starting liking SuJu..
Then she started saying things like
HanChul, KyuMin, EunHae..
She's a homophobe & she loves double standard yay..

We were watching tv the other day..
And the kid fell (on his head) and his dad sends him to hospital..
She says its unnecessary and dramatic..
Ya says the person who freaked out when HeeChul got hit
by that motherfucking led board..
She freaks out about her "HeeNim" getting hit
(just a small scratch lor ok)
but i cannot get upset about Selina's injuries..
Sometimes i get really really REALLY
pissed off and offended about stuff like this..
Some people might say i take my fandom too seriously..
Honestly, i dont think so (maybe jz a lil)..
Hello at least i dont go suing a company bcoz
their stupid idols didnt get some lame award..
Its been like months and they still cant get over it..
This morning i got really pissed off at my dad
but i just stfu and ignore him..

I'm a Gemini and the trait most associated with
Gemini's are bipolar (and bisexual LOL)..
I admit i am bisexual bipolar though..
Its like i am macho (ahem) but sensitive at the same time..
I have OCD but my room looks like it was hit by tornado..
I can laugh but on the inside i feel like
i was hit by a truck or something like that wtf..
And once in a while i would have this fucking mood swing..
No its not pms / period or those bullshit..
It comes at random times and it always make me feel like crying..
I'm supposed to be "macho" and stuff like that
but i like cute stuff and cute things..
Sometimes i feel like i'm such a big freak wtf..
I'd rather hide it all inside so that people dont judge me
for what i know, what i dont know and how i feel..
But obviously my family will just ask me
to sleep it off or some lame shit asian families does..

I know i'm great at sweet talking / giving advice
(online at least) ask QQ she would know i mean the advice part..
Actually i dont even know whats the
main purpose of this post anymore wtf..

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