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Friday, 29 April 2011

To people who are interested..

LOL not me..

Gulagula versi WONDER GIRLS Malaysia
Read la read..
Fuck ya'll..


“Saya disiplinkan juga aspek berat badan. Setiap hari mereka ditimbang dan jika berat bertambah, mereka didenda belanja makan dan direkod dalam buku hutang!"
If you gain weight you have to treat other people..
Then one other person gain weight then treat again
and the cycle goes on and on..

“Soal seksi ia tidak menjadi masalah asalkan penampilan itu tidak melampaui batas.
Apa yang saya harapkan, masyarakat dan peminat dapat menerima kehadiran kami,”
kata graduan Diploma Komunikasi dan Media ini. "
Please refer to the above photo in article..
"Click To Taste"
The Official of Gula Gula..
Err what?

Look at what they are wearing..
Tsk tsk tsk..
If my daughter wear like this!

The photo on the bottom left is
trying to copy the Wonder Girl MTV Iggy photoshoot..
Tak caya?
Go google..

The shit ass thing on the top right corner wont stop spinning..
I guess its to prevent you from seeing their face clearly..

"Excerpts from your favorite songs & quotes of
Malaysian artists are now here in their way.
But this time is totally different!

Gula Gula, often referred to as
"The official of Gula Gula" in,
is a new and upcoming artist from Malaysia
formed in the year 2011 by an award winning
composer / arranger Hadi Hassan under Eight Tones Communications Sdn Bhd.

Gula Gula features 6 adoring teenage girls which comprises of :
Achie - The cutie naughty , Mei Mei -The sexy beauty,
Rarra- The petite n' Funky , Erwina - The baby of Gula Gula ,
Chacha- The Outgoing and Joyous beauty, and Joy- The cool and Sweet .

They are acclaimed for their vocal harmonization (- by?)
and unison as each member contributes a different
position range in their vocal arrangement.
Most of the members are credited for their vocal belting techniques.

Gula Gula are also known for their highly
synchronized and superb dance sequence .
Their dance styles are widely termed as K-pop from korea,
with a majority of their choreography containing hip hop dance moves
such as popping, waving, floating, and liquid dancing.

Good talent , superb dance sequence and fantastic music!!!!
....So do check out these Gula Gula of which will change
the entertainment arena in Malaysia to another level !!"

Ya ya ya..
I shall make my own "kpop" group too..
Then i will create a crappy, retarded website and
claim that they went through alot of training and shit like that..
Obviously I am not over this issue..
Are you kidding me?
We will keep kutuk them until like they disband or something..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Srsly, I'm so annoyed i cant even.....

Malaysians are gonna have their very own (FIRST)
KPop group!!!
So i did some research..
"Offical GilaGila Gula Gula's Blog"
Check out this video from their blog..
(meremang bulu roma aku wtf)
Seriously damn freaking gedik ok..
In case if you dont know what gedik is,
its hiao, lemak, gatal, in short - like kok kok kai..

Since its their official blog obviously they will post
photos that are flattering to them, no?

The pictures my friends take on a
normal night out looks better than this..
I read the media dubbed them as
"Malaysian Wonder Girls"
Like the fuck, you must be kidding right?
No? Fuck Off..
If you wanna compare them to Wonder Girls
PLEASE at least show me some achivements..
Do you even have any singles/albums released?
Do you have fans?
Apparently they do..
942 likes on facebook..
Thats such a great achivement..
If anyone i know likes this page
i swear i will cut all ties and block that person..
(Unless if you are trolling lol :X )
I am pissed not because they are compared to Wonder Girls..
(I am not the only one who's annoyed by this ok Read)
Its because, a few days ago Berita Harian condemned KPop..
Read this > fstandsforfatin

From the cbox on their page :-
1) "korg ni muslim ke dok? elok bebeno la pakai sluar pdk2 gtu ye.
pastu ngaku melayu. OTL"

2) "cukup r, xperlu kot nk tiru korean ke pe ke..agama ko xnk tiru lak kan.."

3) "biarla budak2 baru nk blaja..kenela tyg bodi kan,
baru nama naik...pstu jual bodi,lg naik....."

4) "u must be kidding about this right? bcoz to me this is a big joke.."

5) "ngarut laa group nie...kompemm bungkus punye ...
x caya tgk laa nanti...budaya luar kalau di tiru memg x lama...
x caya tgklaa..."

For their solo shots..

Dia takut dinding tu roboh kot..
So dia kena pegang..
Please tell the make up artist to get bb cream..

Mei Mei
Like urrgghh wtf is this..
Her mole is distracting me..
Anyone who watched Austin Power will know what i meant..

She looks fake not plastic fake but attitude fake..

To be honest, she looks like this Siamese (i think) lady
who sells fried rice with her husband near my office..
And i somehow feel like hitting her..


This is also another one who i feel like hitting..
Most of the people on my twitter list are going
They have antis before they even debut..

They wont make it..
I look down on them..
There's also gonna be a male "Kpop" band
but i couldnt find any info on them..
I saw someone said KampungPop..
Please dont waste time la ok..
I sumpah i takkan jadi fans sampai bila bila masa..
Sekian, Terima Kasih..

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

12 Most Bizarre 'Royal Wedding' Merchandise

Royal Wedding Pizza

Royal Wedding Pizza..
For more click here..

LOL wtf..
Is this creepy or what?
Like seriously..
And all the hype in Malaysia..
Live telecast and stuff like that..
Does it even concern us?
If people are really bothered they can go online and look for it..
If you live in Great Britain, i can understand..
But we're like miles and miles away..
I cant even.....

Monday, 25 April 2011

Hello peoples..

Vote for Miss Kim YooBin


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The accountant was in office on Mon & Tues..
She used my comp so i was bored like hell
and couldnt update..
So i dont remember what i wanted to update..

Taeyeon(SNSD) was dragged off stage

Where was the security la deh..
She was dragged off the stage sumore..
Tsk tsk tsk..
Bad things always happens to Snsd..
or maybe it was a publicity stunt lol jk

翁立友 - 不能講的秘密

Gah i love this song..
So during chinese new year my aunt
forced my uncle to wake up from his nap and sing this song..
When i heard the music i was excited
then i saw the music vid i was like o_O
Imagine your elder relatives and parents are there..
Have to keep cool lol..

The L Word (Sharmen) Too Lost In You

And also i love this song..
Sharmen are just so damn sexy..
Finally my L Word are back to me..
Need to hide it though..
Imagine if my dad found it and watch wtf..
He'd most prolly kill me and kick me out of the house..
And no i am not being dramatic wtf..
I'm praying that he didnt go in my room wtf..

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


LOL YooBin..
But i love you still..

Monday, 11 April 2011

MP explains why men have affairs

MALAYSIAN men have extramarital sex because of "wives who neglect their responsibilities" to their husbands, a Malaysian MP has told his country's parliament, outraging women's groups.

"Husbands driving home after work see things that are sexually arousing and go to their wives to ease their urges," said independent lawmaker Ibrahim Ali, according to online portal Malaysiakini.
"But when they come home to their wives, they will say, 'wait, I'm cooking,' or 'wait, I'm getting ready to visit relatives'," Ibrahim said.

"In Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfil their husband's demands."

Ali heads Perkasa, a right-wing Malay nationalist group, seeking to protect ethnic Malay dominance in politics.

His strident comments came as he asked about plans by the government's religious development department to educate wives on their responsibilities.

Wives "failing in their duties" pushed men to go to "private places to satisfy their urges", he said.

An aide to the lawmaker has confirmed the remarks but has declined further comment.

His comments have prompted fury among women's groups in a nation with a growing sex industry and a problem with human trafficking.

Women's Aid Organisation chief Ivy Josiah said Ibrahim's comments were unacceptable for a parliamentarian.

"I am appalled as he equates women to being a sex toy and what is worse is that he uses religion to try and justify his position," she said.

"The comments not only show that Ibrahim Ali is a Malay supremacist but a male supremacist as well."

Rights group Tenaganita, which monitors issues of human trafficking and abuse, said such sentiments were one of the causes of human trafficking in the country.

"Because people like Ibrahim Ali believe it is their right to get sex anytime from their wives, or otherwise seek it from elsewhere, that's why you have a growing sex industry and we see such human trafficking cases," senior coordinator Aegile Fernandez said.

Last March, the government launched a national plan against human trafficking as the country moved to quash its image as a transit point for traffickers.

With one of Asia's largest populations of foreign labour, Malaysia relies on illegal and legal migrants to work as domestic servants in plantations and factories and to service the local sex industry.

Malaysian lawmakers also clashed with women's groups last month after a government parliamentarian claimed women were "slow" at the wheel and "oblivious" on the roads.

Men and their fucking excuses to cheat..

Manager caught peeping in the nude

KUALA TERENGGANU: Angry villagers in Kampung Pulau Bahagia, Manir, caught and tied a Peeping tom to an electric pole before handing him over to the police.
The store manager of a hypermarket was naked when he was caught spying on a 23-year-old woman at about 1.15am here yesterday.
Her father, who is a factory operator, and brother found the 29-year-old perched on the wooden stairs at the back of their house.
They shouted at the suspect who promptly bolted. The duo chased him for about 200m before apprehending him with the help of other villagers.
With only a T-shirt covering his private parts, the manager was tied to the pole before he was handed over to Manir policemen.
Terengganu CID chief Asst Comm K. Manoharan said the suspect had hidden his motorcycle and clothing some 300m from the victim’s home.
“We are not ruling out the possibility that the suspect was also trying to break into the house,” he said.
“He has a prior record for breaking into houses and also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


traits of an awesome person

I dont believe in horoscope/stuff like that..
Those fortune telling and stuff are crap..
But i do have a great deal of family pride..

I am very confusing i admit..

The in love / not in love & warm / cold thing is accurate
coz it has reached a point where i couldnt understand myself wtf..
Contradict is true also wtf..

You see even in this paragraph i am contradicting myself wtf..

I said i dont believe in it and yet i said its accurate..
WTF is wrong with me?
Dear God help me..

Honestly, my new colleague is stupider /
than my ex and ex ex colleague..
I think she broke the record for

"The colleague i wanna hit most in the shortest period"..

I really wanna hit her..

But i shall give her one week period to learn..

At least for the basics..

She dont even know how to pick up phone calls..

Why does my boss always hires idiots..

Its like everytime she hire someone new its gets worse..
Also i dreamt of Lee Dong Hae last night
and i dont even know why..
He's not even my bias (Lee Sung Min
and i dont even really like Super Junior..

On a happier note..

Perfection zomg..