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Monday, 4 April 2011

Excerpt :-
Dear friends,

Thembi (name changed) was pulled from a taxi near her home,
beaten and raped by a man who crowed that he was
‘curing’ her of her lesbianism.

Thembi is not alone — this vicious crime is recurrent in South Africa,
where lesbians live in terror of attack.
But no one has ever been convicted of ‘corrective rape’.
Amazingly, from a tiny Cape Town safehouse a few brave activists
are risking their lives to ensure that this heinous practice is stopped
and their massive campaign has forced the government into talks.

If we shine a light on this horror from all corners of the world
— and enough of us join in we can escalate the pressure,
and help make sure these talks lead to concrete and urgent action.
Let’s call on President Zuma and the Minister of Justice
to publicly condemn ‘corrective rape’, criminalise hate crimes,
and ensure immediate enforcement, public education
and protection for survivors.
Sign the petition now and share it with everyone —
when we reach one million signers we’ll deliver it to the
South African government with unmissable and hard hitting actions:

Fuck off with those people who "believe" in corrective rape..
Its just an excuse for them to violate women..
Go and sign up on this petiton @ Avaaz..
Seriously, if someone i know in real life
comes up to me and says,
"I believe in corrective rape"
I would punch the fella and then cut all ties..
Go sign up tq..

All the time..
Because i am scaredy cat like that..
I've been scare far too many times..

Saturday went to Tesco for grocery shopping..
Spent Rm100+..
Sunday went to 1Utama and spent Rm100+ on food alone..
Pay increment did not much help LOL..
I got a new colleague today..
But i doubt she will stay for long..
And supposedly its not her who is coming in to work..
Coz the other fella stood us up (stupid bitch)..
My mrs boss always likes to hire stupid, like to act smart
kind of people..
She dont even know how to use the computer..
Anyone wants to bet how long can she stay here?

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