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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The accountant was in office on Mon & Tues..
She used my comp so i was bored like hell
and couldnt update..
So i dont remember what i wanted to update..

Taeyeon(SNSD) was dragged off stage

Where was the security la deh..
She was dragged off the stage sumore..
Tsk tsk tsk..
Bad things always happens to Snsd..
or maybe it was a publicity stunt lol jk

翁立友 - 不能講的秘密

Gah i love this song..
So during chinese new year my aunt
forced my uncle to wake up from his nap and sing this song..
When i heard the music i was excited
then i saw the music vid i was like o_O
Imagine your elder relatives and parents are there..
Have to keep cool lol..

The L Word (Sharmen) Too Lost In You

And also i love this song..
Sharmen are just so damn sexy..
Finally my L Word are back to me..
Need to hide it though..
Imagine if my dad found it and watch wtf..
He'd most prolly kill me and kick me out of the house..
And no i am not being dramatic wtf..
I'm praying that he didnt go in my room wtf..

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