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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

traits of an awesome person

I dont believe in horoscope/stuff like that..
Those fortune telling and stuff are crap..
But i do have a great deal of family pride..

I am very confusing i admit..

The in love / not in love & warm / cold thing is accurate
coz it has reached a point where i couldnt understand myself wtf..
Contradict is true also wtf..

You see even in this paragraph i am contradicting myself wtf..

I said i dont believe in it and yet i said its accurate..
WTF is wrong with me?
Dear God help me..

Honestly, my new colleague is stupider /
than my ex and ex ex colleague..
I think she broke the record for

"The colleague i wanna hit most in the shortest period"..

I really wanna hit her..

But i shall give her one week period to learn..

At least for the basics..

She dont even know how to pick up phone calls..

Why does my boss always hires idiots..

Its like everytime she hire someone new its gets worse..
Also i dreamt of Lee Dong Hae last night
and i dont even know why..
He's not even my bias (Lee Sung Min
and i dont even really like Super Junior..

On a happier note..

Perfection zomg..

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