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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm old

My brain has jammed on me..
Cant think of what to blog anymore..
I've been blogging for almost 3years wow lol..

Lookie traffic light!
We do this everyday..
Unless if one or two of us is being kulified,
or when they abandon me..
#foreveralone #sadlife

For the first time i am not pissed when my computer hangs on me..

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


"Dear all,
Eh u guys be careful k, remember the acid splasher case?
Yesterday one of my friend her car window kene ketuk
by a guy holding a yellow bottle demanding her to roll down her window.
She didn’t, so the guy hentak2 her car and yelled at her.
The face is as per polis announcement, Indian guy.
She said, awal2 masa the guy ketuk her window,
he look mcm kesian muke sedih.
(Taktik nak suruh bukak tingkap).
After that the guy left.
This happen at traffic light at 1 utama,
which is near to us.
Then she launched police report, the police told her that yesterday,
another girl pun reported the same thing,
tingkap kene ketuk too but at Kota Damansara.
The crazy dude is now targeting our area,
so please be careful kay when ur out there.
Also, a friend of mine, her work collegue was one of the victim.
Now she’s blinded and still at the hospital.
Be careful yea when ur out there.
Run when u hear motorcycle or bring umbrella.
Its not safe out there. Better be safe than sorry."

Yesterday QQ & Mandy kidnapped me (and i drag my sis)
to 1U to see them do eyelashes..
OTW there we were joking about this matter..
OTW back we were still joking about this..
The knocking, pouring acid on the car and stuff..
Becareful people!!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dear Friends..

This is us..
Words have never been more accurate..
And they might also put us through a drug test or something like that..

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Watch This People!

Super Sprayer

Super sprayer 2

Monday, 9 May 2011

Past Week

I almost went out everyday for last week..
Monday - Still at Johor..

Tuesday - Too tired to go out..

Wednesday - Curve, Library to celeb Cheng's BDay
with May yan, Mandy & Jas..

Thursday - Mcd, Pasar malam with Mandy, Anna, Jas..
Lepak @ kayu later that night..

Friday - Dinner with siblings,
Asia Cafe (round2 wtf) with Jas, Mandy..
Tutti Fruitti joined by TeeTee..

Satuday - Icity & tasty pot steamboat with Mandy & Qq..
(still bummed i didnt win anything T_T)

Sunday - Sing K, watch Thor (Natalie Portman damn hot wtf)
makan lepak with siblings and EeMin (high sch friend)..
Thor was aweeeessssssoooommmeeee..
Never realised that Natalie Portman was so hot..
And I like LOKI (even though he was the bad guy)!!
Bought Baby and Me (Jang Geun Suk, Moon Mason)
and also Great Day..

Conclusion :
1) I am broke, pls dont ask me out..
2) Go watch Thor..

1):Asia most influential groups :

NO.1 Super Junior
NO.2 Wonder Girls
NO.4 S.H.E

2):Asia most talented with good looks groups:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 H.O.T
NO.5 Wonder Girls

4):Most popular among the well-known artists:
NO.1 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 ShinHwa
NO.5 Super Junior-M

5): Accomplished with good rankings in TV shows and movies:
NO.1 Farenheit
NO.2 Super Junior
NO.3 S.H.E
NO.4 Lollipop

7): Band members that are best in actings:
NO.1 SJ Kim KiBum
NO.2 Farenheit all members
NO.3 SJ Choi SiWon
NO.4 SHINEE Lee TaeMin

9):Band members who are best in RAP:
NO.1 SJ EunHyuk
NO.5 SJ ShinDong KiBum

12):Most popular among the stars for imitation:
NO.1 SUPER JUNIOR (U, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana)
NO.2 Wonder Girls (Nobody)
NO.3 SHINEE (Ring Ding Dong)
NO.4 SUPER JUNIOR-M (Super Girl)

Source : DKpopNews

I think this chart thingy is biased towards SM artists..

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

hello everyone

Reached there on saturday 3am..
Didnt want to disturb the relatives so
we went to McD and stone until 6am..
Otw to Johor had a nap..
After that i didnt sleep til like at evening took like 10mins nap..
It was because i was so damn bored lol..
Everyone else was sleeping..
All we did was eat sleep talk laugh play..
And i went around (not reli) biting peoples face..
Running around and acting like kids was so damn fun..
Everyone was acting so damn gay to each other..
I even went to the pool with my 4 younger cousins and my bro..
The kids were 10,11 & 13..
It was so darn fun but i scrapped my knee though..
Everyone was nagging at me asking me to cut my hair..
They all called me Justin Bieber wtf fml..
Then they changed it to Justin Bebeh..
There was like 15 of us so every where we go
we had to put like 3tables together..
My little cousin is so cute..
She gets jealous when i get closer to other cousins..
Damn funny..
I felt like so damn sad when we were packing to come back..
Before we came back my 13year old cousin said to me
"Remember to go cut your hair"
We reached here at like 130am..
Went to sleep at 2am..
Feel like zombie the next day..
I should've taken an extra day off..

Happy Yubin's Day!