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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

hello everyone

Reached there on saturday 3am..
Didnt want to disturb the relatives so
we went to McD and stone until 6am..
Otw to Johor had a nap..
After that i didnt sleep til like at evening took like 10mins nap..
It was because i was so damn bored lol..
Everyone else was sleeping..
All we did was eat sleep talk laugh play..
And i went around (not reli) biting peoples face..
Running around and acting like kids was so damn fun..
Everyone was acting so damn gay to each other..
I even went to the pool with my 4 younger cousins and my bro..
The kids were 10,11 & 13..
It was so darn fun but i scrapped my knee though..
Everyone was nagging at me asking me to cut my hair..
They all called me Justin Bieber wtf fml..
Then they changed it to Justin Bebeh..
There was like 15 of us so every where we go
we had to put like 3tables together..
My little cousin is so cute..
She gets jealous when i get closer to other cousins..
Damn funny..
I felt like so damn sad when we were packing to come back..
Before we came back my 13year old cousin said to me
"Remember to go cut your hair"
We reached here at like 130am..
Went to sleep at 2am..
Feel like zombie the next day..
I should've taken an extra day off..

Happy Yubin's Day!

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