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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


My boss changed to a new cock blocking system..
So now i cant on soompi, wgspectacle (but chrome can open),
some pages on tumblr and dont know what else..
But i can now open twitter and it doesnt crash..

Ever since Mandy got a new camera
we always camwhore..

Taken on 20th @ Wings Cafe Ss2..
There was a ton of other pictures but i am too lazy to post wtf..

Went to I-City last Saturday!!
Left at 5pm then went to eat Bak Kut Teh @ Klang..
Not nice =_=||
My mom cooks better BKT than that shop..
Went Itchy after eating which was 640? Wtf..

Leo (my tall dark handsome *ahem cousin)
was the photographer..

Kids, dont eat too much cotton candy this is what it
will do to your brain wtf..

Oh wait..
I take back my words..
It still happens if you dont eat cotton candy..
Then we went bumper car-ing..
Then drama wtf :X

Then we went tooooooooooo
Happy die too excited wtf..

Guess what we wore underneath?

All short besides VH!!

Our sexy legs / skin besides VH wtf..

In case anyone wondered why the one in black
have such crappy hair,
One Word : Flour..

My tall dark handsome!!

Yesterday went to 180cm house to do conference call with TT..
Then keeps getting distracted /fail
And we got all excited because there was photobooth..



That face is because we found out it can take 4shots continuously..
We laughed like crazy because some of the pictures taken
are seriously damn funny..

Ok a proper post complete with pictures and words..

Monday, 20 June 2011


Landy - 祝我生日快乐

Friday, 17 June 2011


Long story short last Sunday I was dragged out to 1U
by my parents..

My new shoes from Bangkok!!
Mom bought them for me..
But she said I was crazy for putting on 2different coloured shoelaces..
Btw, she got me a shirt, pants, socks & shoes..
Orange shirt lol..

Dad ditched us once we reached 1U..
Wanted to take mom go Starbucks but I sesat..
Went to Little Taiwan and called dad..
The chocolate ice thingy not nice..
The mango one was darn nice..
Rm50 fly away..
Then walked around..
Dad runaway again -___-||
Me and mom walked around, bought some food..
Went to sit at McD, bought coke & ice cream XD ..

Then dinner at Sakae Sushi!!
(split the bills with my parents)
Recently i LOOOOOOOVE sushi!!
Got kinda lost when looking for the place though..
Coz they moved lol..
Now everything touch screen!
Mom was like what if the person dont know how to use computer?
Then I saw an old man who doesnt know how to use..
So sad..
Wanted to help him but forgot -__-"
He got his sushis from the conveyor belt thing la..

After eating we left and went to pasar malam..
TeeTee came to find me..
And she cam whored with my phone..
Pondering if I should post it here..

Last Monday,
Jaslyn Khew told me she emo wana rant to me..
She told me she wanna go pasar malam..
So i said ok..
(Actually damn lazy and no mood wtf see I so good wtf)
Walked the whole of Ss2 but didnt walk pasar malam..
Coz we were too busy looking for the rent car place..
Then went to hang at Wings Cafe..
(my bf sings there! wtf lol)
Mandy kept asking me to go toilet..



When i came out..



They even asked the singer my bf to sing Happy Birthday to me..

Seriously for the first time in my life i feel touched lol..
And I was so embarrassed and shy wtf..
Everyone was looking at me..
My whole face, ears, neck is hot..

Evevn though I look like crap here lol..
(actually there are more pics but too lazy/ugly to post here..

The 2 singers at Wings Cafe that night..
I actually liked that guy on my left since he was in
the singing competition Ultimate Power Group..
His name is Chee Siang..
Such a funny guy..
He was one of the host in Amusing Race
alongside Baki, Wind & Rickman..
But my mom says he's erm soft lol..
I never realized his voice is so damn nice!
Shall go back there and stalk him wtf..

Btw I got 4complimentary movie passed @ TGV
from Nuffnang!!
Apparently only those lucky ones get the tix..

"Every month, 250 Glitterati Nuffnangers
residing in the Klang Valley who are celebrating
their birthday will be randomly chosen to receive FOUR complimentary passes
valid at all TGV outlets nationwide!
We’ll be notifying Nuffnangers who receive this Birthday Surprise
via email every month,
so you’ll have another thing to look forward
to when you celebrate your birthday."

From - here..
Me iz happy happy..


Last Friday a bunch of people came to office
wanting to install air-cond..
A total of 5sets..
He paid deposits and said the balance will be paid on
installation day itself (3/6)..
Everything went fine except
there were balance of 500+ because of his extra piping
(which i told him the price before hand)..
He said he will pay the balance on Monday (6/6)..
Because his boss is not around coz someone in the house pass away..
Monday he called at 5pm+ (i checked call logs)..
Saying he cant make it, he will come over on Thurs (9/6)..
No calls, no explanation..
Friday, no sight of him..
Called him on Saturday, he said he will come over..
Didnt come..
Monday called him he said he will come after lunch around 2pm..
Didnt come, Tues didnt come..
My mrs boss keeps asking me to call her..
Called him Wed he didnt pick..
Yesterday (16/6) i got pissed..
I called more than 10times..
He didnt pick up..
I called his Pj office, they said he was on Mc..
Then they asked me to call their Malacca Hq..
One dude said he had bank in the money to him..
He said he was coming over..
I asked the malay dude to call the indian dude
because i called more than 10times no one picked up..
Then I received an sms on the office handphone..
"Hello miss, tomorrow morning i will come and make the payment.
I was om mc past two days. Tq."
Word for word even the typo..

Hello? Like fuck i would know?
Is it my responsibility to know if you're on mc?
You didnt pick up calls for like 3days ok..
Sick until cant even send an sms?
So how did you send the msg yesterday?
My only responsibility is to make sure you make the payment..
Its been 2 weeks ok..
What if you just run away?
Who's gonna make the payment?
Blardee asshole..
If he's not here today i will burn his place down!

*Disclaimer : I'm only joking about burning his place down wtf..

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Once Upon A Time

Pictures i took from erm
a long time ago to not so long time ago wtf..

My cousin who is 15(?) but taller than my alot fts..

Some dance machine thingy at 1Utama arcade..

Oh look!
I still have these in my photo album..
Anyone know where i can get this chocolate?
or maybe get a box or two for me?

Bolster cover..
All i could think of was ....

Some time ago during a saturday
when it rained extremely heavy..
That canopy thingy tore apart lol..

Was cheated off Rm23 coz didnt test first..
Never buy things from China people..

Bought this slipper at K.J Giant just for the sake of it..
Asked my mom if it looks AhBeng-ish
my mom answered me, looks like Ah Chong..

Her hair damn nice!
Was otw to dinner at Ming Tien then pass by the lrt station..
Freaked out coz she was wearing damn short wtf..
But she was quite sexy though cannot see face wtf..

Powderful England..

Rm200 watch..
Because its orange..

I do not wanna be a guest in a police station tqvm..

Mr.Teddy in the car..
Its really soft..
Obviously its mine..
My phone and my orange cover..
So nice..
Me likes..