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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I sound like a singer! KungFu Panda 2 (3D)

Last Saturday went to find Jackie @ Puchong
along with Mandy & Qq..
Then we went to err this place to drink and laze wtf..
Took some stupid selcas with 2 of them..
And Qq had to post it on fb fml no image..
Then we randomly decided to go for karaoke the next day..

I woke up late on Sunday wtf..
For the first time in my whole life i was late..
Mandy called me when i was sleeping..
She kept repeating asking if i was asleep..
I kept saying ya..
Then i got pissed off LOL..
I thought she called me to wake me up wtf..
Then my sis was like "Its 945 you know?"
And I was like Shit shit F**k shit..
I was supposed to wake up at 845 =_="
Coz we were supposed to go Kota first :X
In the end me, Qq & Anna went to 1U first..
Then we went and buy tix for movies..
Mandy came late for the K-Session!
It starts at 11am..
Me and Anna sang and sang and sang and eat and eat and sang wtf..
While the other 2 just eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat =__="
Sang Baby & Gee twice coz of them =_=||
And there's an embarrassing video of me doing Gee =_=||
Qq said my voice sounds like one singer but she cant remember who..
:X /proud
They are the first 2 people other than my Father,
Mother, Sister, Brother to hear me sing..
Before the session end we kept singing oldies lol..
We ended with Gee =___=|||
Movie was at 4pm so we walked around first..

We watched KUNGFU PANDA 2!! In 3D!!

Cast :
Jack Black
as Master Po
Angelina Jolie
as Tigress
Dustin Hoffman
as Master Shifu
Gary Oldman
as Lord Shen
Jackie Chan
as Monkey
Seth Rogen
as Mantis
Lucy Liu
as Viper
David Cross
as Crane
James Hong
as Mr. Ping
Michelle Yeoh
as Soothsayer

Me likes me likes me likes!!

It was so damn hilarious omg..
I kept laughing through out the movie..
But there was a really sad scene..
I almost cried!
But Mandy wept LOL
We should've watched Karak the horror movie also..
So I can scare them XD
We left the place at like 6+
Qq forced me to drive her car (Mandy drove herself)..
Forced coz I didnt want to coz i was afraid I will crash her car..
From 1U to Taman Mega, Anna was freaking out at the back lol..
I phailed when it comes to the parking part..
Or maybe i was just too lazy wtf
We roamed the pasar malam, had dinner @ Ming Tien,
went home and no we're planning the next outing
(which we had planned for damn long =_=")..
I think we plan better when its spontaneous / last minute
if you give us a long time to prepare it will never succeed..
Now there's a tonne of embarrassing pictures on my fb..

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