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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


My boss changed to a new cock blocking system..
So now i cant on soompi, wgspectacle (but chrome can open),
some pages on tumblr and dont know what else..
But i can now open twitter and it doesnt crash..

Ever since Mandy got a new camera
we always camwhore..

Taken on 20th @ Wings Cafe Ss2..
There was a ton of other pictures but i am too lazy to post wtf..

Went to I-City last Saturday!!
Left at 5pm then went to eat Bak Kut Teh @ Klang..
Not nice =_=||
My mom cooks better BKT than that shop..
Went Itchy after eating which was 640? Wtf..

Leo (my tall dark handsome *ahem cousin)
was the photographer..

Kids, dont eat too much cotton candy this is what it
will do to your brain wtf..

Oh wait..
I take back my words..
It still happens if you dont eat cotton candy..
Then we went bumper car-ing..
Then drama wtf :X

Then we went tooooooooooo
Happy die too excited wtf..

Guess what we wore underneath?

All short besides VH!!

Our sexy legs / skin besides VH wtf..

In case anyone wondered why the one in black
have such crappy hair,
One Word : Flour..

My tall dark handsome!!

Yesterday went to 180cm house to do conference call with TT..
Then keeps getting distracted /fail
And we got all excited because there was photobooth..



That face is because we found out it can take 4shots continuously..
We laughed like crazy because some of the pictures taken
are seriously damn funny..

Ok a proper post complete with pictures and words..

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