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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Once Upon A Time

Pictures i took from erm
a long time ago to not so long time ago wtf..

My cousin who is 15(?) but taller than my alot fts..

Some dance machine thingy at 1Utama arcade..

Oh look!
I still have these in my photo album..
Anyone know where i can get this chocolate?
or maybe get a box or two for me?

Bolster cover..
All i could think of was ....

Some time ago during a saturday
when it rained extremely heavy..
That canopy thingy tore apart lol..

Was cheated off Rm23 coz didnt test first..
Never buy things from China people..

Bought this slipper at K.J Giant just for the sake of it..
Asked my mom if it looks AhBeng-ish
my mom answered me, looks like Ah Chong..

Her hair damn nice!
Was otw to dinner at Ming Tien then pass by the lrt station..
Freaked out coz she was wearing damn short wtf..
But she was quite sexy though cannot see face wtf..

Powderful England..

Rm200 watch..
Because its orange..

I do not wanna be a guest in a police station tqvm..

Mr.Teddy in the car..
Its really soft..
Obviously its mine..
My phone and my orange cover..
So nice..
Me likes..

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