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Friday, 17 June 2011


Last Friday a bunch of people came to office
wanting to install air-cond..
A total of 5sets..
He paid deposits and said the balance will be paid on
installation day itself (3/6)..
Everything went fine except
there were balance of 500+ because of his extra piping
(which i told him the price before hand)..
He said he will pay the balance on Monday (6/6)..
Because his boss is not around coz someone in the house pass away..
Monday he called at 5pm+ (i checked call logs)..
Saying he cant make it, he will come over on Thurs (9/6)..
No calls, no explanation..
Friday, no sight of him..
Called him on Saturday, he said he will come over..
Didnt come..
Monday called him he said he will come after lunch around 2pm..
Didnt come, Tues didnt come..
My mrs boss keeps asking me to call her..
Called him Wed he didnt pick..
Yesterday (16/6) i got pissed..
I called more than 10times..
He didnt pick up..
I called his Pj office, they said he was on Mc..
Then they asked me to call their Malacca Hq..
One dude said he had bank in the money to him..
He said he was coming over..
I asked the malay dude to call the indian dude
because i called more than 10times no one picked up..
Then I received an sms on the office handphone..
"Hello miss, tomorrow morning i will come and make the payment.
I was om mc past two days. Tq."
Word for word even the typo..

Hello? Like fuck i would know?
Is it my responsibility to know if you're on mc?
You didnt pick up calls for like 3days ok..
Sick until cant even send an sms?
So how did you send the msg yesterday?
My only responsibility is to make sure you make the payment..
Its been 2 weeks ok..
What if you just run away?
Who's gonna make the payment?
Blardee asshole..
If he's not here today i will burn his place down!

*Disclaimer : I'm only joking about burning his place down wtf..

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