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Friday, 29 July 2011


All of the above LOL..
But not sexually frustrated..
Which reminds me..
Whenever i ask my lil to help me get something,
he would always reply me with
"What did your last slave die of?"
Then i would answer him
"Sexual exhaustion"

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I wanna go swim!!
And not have someone throw sand on me lol wtf..

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Teaser Photo (2)

Sung Min

Ryeo Wook

Ye Sung


Hee Chul

If female singers dress in short dress
or skimpily all netizens will be all over them
complaining and stuff like that..
But when their oppa dress up like this,
all the comments are omg so hot and shit like that..
And for Hee Chul's standard, his dressing is kinda normal lol..
Apparently their new song is called Mr Simple rofl wtf..
I cant imagine if they actually perform in these outfits..

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Teaser Photo

Eun Hyuk

Dong Hae

Lee Teuk

Shin Dong..

Kyu Hyun..

Eun Hyuk & Kyu Hyun looks pretty decent
if compared to the others..
I think if the leopard print was taken away from Hyun's jacket
it'll look much better..
Delusional fan girls around the world scream
"Oppa saranghae you look hot"
"Oppa you make me jizz in my pants"
Go read the comments on
about Kyu Hyun..
Most of it consists of armpit hair, balls, bulge,"better than sex",
Seriously, need to be so delusional or not?
And why are fangirls (of boyband lol) so disgusting?
Voiced my opinion on twitter and someone said i'm hating..
Sister angered wtf..
She is one of the delusional who said they look hot lol..
Then she started bashing Wonder Girls..
Mature.. Real mature..
At least i know there ELF's who agreed with me..

Please people, tell me your honest opinion on this..

Friday, 22 July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

17/07/2011 - Malacca

The first trip i went with friend
with permit from my dad lol..
Malacca with Leo, TT, QQ, Karmen,
Mandy, Jackie & May Yan..
Slept at 230am the night before (drama from Johor wtf)..
Woke up at 440am to get ready..
But laze in bed til 5am because i was afraid to go out (too dark)..
Took c cold shower bla bla bla..
Everyone was late besides Mandy..
(In TT & Leo case forgiven coz asshole block their car)..
Planned to meet at 530 and leave at 6 but we left at like 630?
Saw an accident, camwhore in the car..
Reached there at 8++
Went to beach play sand, play water,camwhore..
Ate chicken rice ball at 11+
Its not as nice as everyone said it was lor..
Walked at Jonker, ate more stuff (cendol, durian cendol)..
By the way I got sun burnt..
First time to take a ride in beca though lol..
Then went to the shop opposite the satay celup to wait at like 4+..
It opens at 5 but there's people waiting from 430 wtf..
Not nice at all lor and service sucks balls..
AND its way more expensive than loklok..
Went and change at petrol station lol..
Then went to River Cruise..
Boring as hell..
TT,Leo,QQ,Jackie&MY all fell asleep..
Walked around..
Then we (QQ,TT,Leo,Me) went to FISH SPA..
Ticklish and damn syok..
Then we went to eat again wtf..
Leo kena cheat from old aunty and i almost ate
the bug inside the mango that he kena cheat to buy..
I think we left at 8+ or 9pm..
Reached home at 11+
Gave out souvenier (why am i so nice wtf)
and i didnt buy myself anything..
Spent alot on food lol..

Next day went to TT house in the evening
to make cookies!!
Not bad la for first time..
Taste nice but abit oily..
Then went to Tutti XD
I love Tutti omgosh..
Ok end wtf..

Tutti on 13/7/11

Tutti on 16/7/11
Aih i am so addicted..
I think they put drugs in it lol..

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Tutti @ Ss2.. Testing wifi..

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Its mid July and this is only my 3rd post..

Awhile ago when TT & QQ came over to my house..

See the red motorbike..
I've had it since I was a little kid..
And yes i have a framed photo of S.H.E on my table..

My balls collection..
I wanna buy the machine..
The one that you put coins in and
turn and the balls will come out wtf..

I actually had so much accidents at my work place
that i cant remember when/where did this happen..

The shoe keychain broke =___=||
Cheap stuff aish..

Last month when there was no electricity that one night..
Somehow my dog was facing the house instead of outside..

The rat is as big as my brothers feet..
Which is like size 12 wtf..

Tutti last Saturday night with parents & bro..

Malacca in 5days!!

Friday, 8 July 2011


The first time I had tutti was May..
End of May..
In Ss15 near Asia Cafe..
I was hooked..
Ever since then we always eat Tutti lol..
Tropicana Mall, 1Utama, Ss2, Ss15..
I must've had at least 4-5times of Tutti in July only..

I always put the chocolate chip & M&M lookalike chocolate..
Corn flake is influenced by EeMin..
I wanna eat Tutti now zomg..
If only they would open one in Sec14 or Sea Park area..
We need to find new hangout place with nice food/desserts
and not expensive tqvm..
Tutti should have like a loyalty card or something..

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

ShowDown 2011!!!

Nobody by Wonder Girls!!!!!!!!
I want them to win!!
They're the best crew out there!!

edit : Apparently the crew who was supposed to dance to
this song was eliminated before they get to perform this song..

Have anyone seen my Princess Kim @ Greece?