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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Its mid July and this is only my 3rd post..

Awhile ago when TT & QQ came over to my house..

See the red motorbike..
I've had it since I was a little kid..
And yes i have a framed photo of S.H.E on my table..

My balls collection..
I wanna buy the machine..
The one that you put coins in and
turn and the balls will come out wtf..

I actually had so much accidents at my work place
that i cant remember when/where did this happen..

The shoe keychain broke =___=||
Cheap stuff aish..

Last month when there was no electricity that one night..
Somehow my dog was facing the house instead of outside..

The rat is as big as my brothers feet..
Which is like size 12 wtf..

Tutti last Saturday night with parents & bro..

Malacca in 5days!!


SaeWei said...

elllo..I see you eat tutti fruitie i also tempted liao -_-" I never tried before..I wanna ask ah, normally you buy like that how much did the charge you?

I scared I over take the toppings then too expensive.

I got a friend, she told me her friend dunno add what toppings until rm30+ O_o

SamL said...

they charge 5.30 per 100gram..
normally i take about 11+ lor.. at most oso 15..

Take tat time need to agak agak c how heavy lol.. may the friend took alot of fruits thats y so heavy..