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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Teaser Photo

Eun Hyuk

Dong Hae

Lee Teuk

Shin Dong..

Kyu Hyun..

Eun Hyuk & Kyu Hyun looks pretty decent
if compared to the others..
I think if the leopard print was taken away from Hyun's jacket
it'll look much better..
Delusional fan girls around the world scream
"Oppa saranghae you look hot"
"Oppa you make me jizz in my pants"
Go read the comments on
about Kyu Hyun..
Most of it consists of armpit hair, balls, bulge,"better than sex",
Seriously, need to be so delusional or not?
And why are fangirls (of boyband lol) so disgusting?
Voiced my opinion on twitter and someone said i'm hating..
Sister angered wtf..
She is one of the delusional who said they look hot lol..
Then she started bashing Wonder Girls..
Mature.. Real mature..
At least i know there ELF's who agreed with me..

Please people, tell me your honest opinion on this..

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