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Monday, 15 August 2011



2Weeks ago, Sunday went to Times Square with
Anna,Matt & EeMin..
Main purpose is to Sing K @ Neway..
The girl at the counter of Neway,
her name was Kinki..
Sang and sang and sang for 2hrs..
Then went to eat..
Then walked..
and walked..
and walked..
Bought a pair of shoes!!

Its not Supra la but its onl Rm89.90..
Then walk walk walk walk..
Then me and bro squat/seat on the floor while waiting for them lol..
Then we ate again..
We ate like 3times wtf..
Had alot of fun..

went to use my complimentary TGV tix from Nuffnang..
Went all the way to KLCC nearest TGV we can reach by LRT..
Watched Captain America : The First Avenger @ 1140am..

Quite cool..
Chris Evan looks better as Human Torch though..
Hayley Atwell looks quite hot in the show..

Then we had lunch at the food court..
Then walk walk walk wtf..
I wanna go Petrosains!!!!!!
Never been there before..
Who wanna go wimme!
Rm15 for adult and Rm8 for kids (with MyCard)..
Now til 26082011 there buy 1 free 1 promotion..
But I will most probably go next month..
Roamed around til 340 then went to wait for
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part2..

This I can say is better than Captain America..
I never chased after this chronicles..
I only watch when my brother put it on..
But when I was watching this movie I felt so touched
and all kinds of mixed emotion wtf..
I cried for Snape wtf..
Sis fell asleep..
So did this dude next to her..
When the show ended, everyone clapped..
*clap clap*
When we were leaving the cinema,
a kid literally rolled down the stairs wtf..
Then Anna & the kids mom caught her wtf..
Thank God for carpet!
I wanted to laugh wtf..
I'm not mean, but it was so funny and
the kid herself laughed ok..
Had dinner then went back..
I bought 3dvds at Klcc..
2Stephen Chow and also
One Litre Of Tears..
I'm gonna watch it and cry my eyes..

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